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Tighty Whities and Other Gift Ideas for Dad

June 2012

Since my first column is for the June issue, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about Father's Day, more specifically, choosing a gift for dad on his special day.

As a guy, buying a gift for your wife for Mother's Day is fairly simple. Flowers, dinner out, a homemade card from the kids and you're done.

Father's Day is different. There is no go-to gift for Father's Day anymore. Neckties used to be a common gift for dad, but now they are about as popular as a three-pack of tighty whities (and much less useful).

How do I know this? I'm a professional dad.

My qualifications? Last summer, I took a leave of absence from teaching and became a stay-at-home dad. Taking care of my three children became my full-time job. Also, I've never dropped my baby, none of my kids has had a broken bone while I was taking care of them (except for maybe one tiny fracture) and I kind of want a minivan.

Now that you know that I'm truly qualified, please return the tie to the mall and keep reading. Here are a few gift ideas that will not be tossed into the "Goodwill" box by Labor Day:

Sports Equipment. If dad likes sports, get him something he can use – maybe a golf glove, tennis racket or basketball. On second thought, he may feel old (or get injured) trying to walk 18 holes, play a round of tennis or join a pickup game of full-court hoops. Forget the sports equipment.

Cook. Make dad an elaborate meal. Spend all day in the kitchen preparing his favorite foods, while he spends the day changing diapers and chasing kids around the house. That doesn't exactly sound relaxing; let's try something else...

A New Gadget. Surprise dad with the cool, new electronic gadget that he's been eyeballing. There are so many iPods, tablet PCs, and handheld video games, I'm sure he would love one of them. After he opens it, he gets to make sure the software works, get batteries, and try to wrap his brain around a 300-page instruction manual. Maybe you should pass on the gadget.

This isn't as easy as I thought.

How about something classic? How about something that makes a man look and feel good?

You know, like a necktie.

Trust me, I'm a professional.

To read more of Pete's True Confessions of a Stay at Home Dad, visit www.facebook/petetheblogger.

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