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New Early Childhood Learning Experiences Coming to The Children's Museum

The closing of Playscape and the opening of a new gallery!

The closing of Playscape and the opening of a new gallery at the Indianapolis Children's Museum
July 2012

This summer, changes will come to The Children's Museum as the preschool-based exhibit Playscape closes in order to let museum staff prepare for a new early childhood learning gallery coming next year!

Playscape has been serving children ages 0-5 for more than 30 years and has become a beloved space within The Children's Museum. In the years since the gallery opened, new research has been done in the field of early developmental milestones and learning techniques. We know more than ever before about ways that preschoolers, toddlers, and infants learn from the world around them. This new research will form the basis for designing an entirely new early childhood learning experience for our youngest visitors to The Children's Museum.

Closing the current Playscape gallery will happen beginning July 9 of this year, but don't worry, we know how important this space is to our visitors so we will open a temporary early childhood learning gallery called Mr. Bear's Playhouse shortly after. Some of our visitors favorite elements from Playscape – the Earth Mover, Train Table, Sand Table, Play House, Dog House, Bird House, Slat Building, and Babyscape items – will be included in this temporary space. Mr. Bear's Playhouse will remain open until the new early childhood learning gallery on level 3 opens in August of next year.

Of course, there are still many other areas around the museum where our youngest visitors enjoy playing. Visit All Aboard on the Lower Level to see some of the museum's model train collection and play at train tables, check out the dinosaur play tables located both within and just outside of Dinosphere® on the lower level, encourage imaginative play in the Ice Cream Parlor and Playhouse in Carousel Wishes and Dreams gallery on level 4, and be sure to visit infoZone in the museum's Welcome Center to enjoy a good book together as a family.

We look forward to the opening of an extraordinary new learning experience designed specifically for our youngest visitors and their families to play together, learn together and have fun.

Visit The Children's Museum website for additional updates on the coming of the new early childhood learning experience.image

Important Dates

• Playscape closes – July 9

• Mr. Bear's Playhouse opens – July 28

• New Early Childhood Learning Gallery opens – August 2013

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