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Leapin Lizards! GECKOS Climb the Walls at The Children's Museum

Leapin Lizards! GECKOS Climb the Walls at The Children’s Museum

January 31, 2013 | 09:54 AM

Geckos, superstars of the lizard world, will play "hide and seek" with children and families who visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis from February 2-May 15, 2013. The fascinating reptiles, that have gained "celebrity status" through recent insurance television ads, are the only lizards that have the "gift of gab." Depending on the species, geckos sing, chirp, hiss or even bark, and with special toe pads that resemble Velcro, they can stick to just about anything.

This traveling exhibit, created and cared for by Peeling Productions at Clyde Peeling's Reptiland is the largest and most advanced gecko exhibit in the world. Fifteen exotic and very different live species from around the globe will be on display in habitats that duplicate their natural environments. The reptiles will roam around rock ledges, live plants and waterfalls. Their frequent feedings are sure to be events to behold.

"While this visually stunning exhibit is sure to have children enthralled by the idiosyncrasies of geckos, it explores all aspects of the lizard world: biology, natural history, their role in human cultures, their importance to ecosystems, and the potential they hold for bio-technology," said Dr. Jeffrey H. Patchen, president and CEO, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

In addition to watching and studying the live animals, young visitors are encouraged to learn much more about lizards through interactive play. They can put on night-vision goggles to "see like a gecko" or put on sticky booties and gloves to feel what it is like to "get around like a gecko."

Throughout their stay at the world's biggest and best children's museum, our gecko guests will be pampered by a lizard keeper who will also interact with inquisitive visitors sharing information about geckos' uniqueness in the world of leapin' lizards.

From home, school or work, watch the voracious Tokay geckos devour dinner every 15 minutes as the museum provides live streaming at childrensmuseum.com/geckos.

Geckos! is Presented by Coca-Cola Refreshments. The exhibit is Supported by Capital Group Companies and The Basement.

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