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“Fruit Salad...Yummy, Yummy!”

September 19, 2013 | 02:09 PM

If these lyrics spark a distant memory or if you would simply like to check out the songwriter who penned this ode to apples, you are in for a treat this weekend!

This Friday at The Murat Theatre, The Wiggles will bring their brand of singing, dancing and boundless energy to Indianapolis! The show begins at 6:30 pm and tickets are still available (www.oldnationalcentre.com).

I caught up with Anthony (the blue Wiggle and founding member of the group) via phone in between performances on the west coast.

Indy's Child: You are the Wiggle that is always eating. What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

Anthony: I would have to say fruit salad. Really, I'm not joking! I really enjoy watermelon and pineapple. We have lots of mangos in Australia and I cannot eat mangos. I would run a mile away if someone served me fruit salad with mangos.

IC: Do you have a nickname?

A: When we started touring Greg (the original yellow Wiggle) gave me the nickname "Sumo" because I was always eating lots of cheeseburgers at the time and lots of fries, and I ate a lot, and all of the time. Now that I am older, I watch what I eat.

IC: So...do you really drive a "Big, Red Car"?

A: Ha ha! I do not. But, there have been several times when the workers at rent-a-car companies have gone out of their way to give me a red car. They think that is really funny. It happens a lot.

IC: Do people recognize you in public?

A: Yes. It's funny. Once there was a lady in a restaurant who sent me over a fruit salad!

People definitely recognize me in Australia and a lot in Canada since we are now on The Sprout Network. I do get recognized in America as well. The Wiggles were a part of many people's childhood, and some of our early fans have children of their own now, so we have a wide-age range of fans.

(This is the part were I almost confessed my deep appreciation for The Wiggles and asked for an autographed photo. I even have a vintage, plastic Murray guitar and considered asking if I could ship it to Australia to be autographed by the band. Yet, I remained composed)

IC: When did you start playing music?

A: Jeff (the original purple Wiggle) and I had a band in our early twenties called The Cockroaches. I played guitar and he was on keyboards. We played all the surf clubs up and down the coast of Australia. We played 60s and 70s music. It was such a great time in our career. I really miss seeing Jeff on a regular basis.

IC: Do you miss your family when you are on the road?

A: I have three amazing kids, two girls and a boy. I am on the road all of the time, but they understand their Dad's job. I do all of the normal Dad things when I am home like help out at school and go to sports events. The kids do not tour with us, but I keep in touch with them using Skype when I am on the road.

IC: You are touring with an all new cast. The first female Wiggle, Emma (Girl Power!!!!), Simon and Lachlan. How did you choose the new Wiggles?

A: The members of our new, talented cast were already in the organization in some capacity when they auditioned. We have a natural connection to these new members and were so happy to hire from within. Emma was a camera operator and when we realized she had a great voice and was a classically trained balled dancer, we were thrilled!

IC: What's one of the things you love most about your job?

A: The Wiggles speak the universal language of joy. Everyone understands.

We meet many special needs audience members on the road. That is one of the greatest joys - meeting people with special needs who enjoy what we do.

See you on Friday!

-Wendy S.

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