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2014 Indianapolis Winter Magic Festival Casts its Spell

2014 Indianapolis Winter Magic Festival Casts its Spell

Theatre of Magic @ The Cook Theatre, Indiana Landmarks

January 08, 2014 | 10:21 AM

Tickets : $30

The Great Tomsino

Saturday, January 18, 9:00pm

Sunday, January 19, 4:30pm

Johnny Thompson is considered the world's best all around magician. As The Great Tomsoni, he's considered the funniest magic act in the world. His show will comprise magic he's performed for over 40 years, but is rarely seen by the public. He has advised the major magicians of the world, including Penn and Teller, Lance Burton, Criss Angel, and as the teacher to Arsenio Hall, he's the classic of the classic magicians.

"We wouldn't be where we are without Johnny Thompson."-Teller

Kayla Drescher, Winthrop, MA


Friday, January 17 @ 6:00pm

Saturday, January 18 @ 4:30pm

Sunday, January 19 @ 6:00pm

Kayla was the winner of David Copperfield's "Search for the Next Great Magician", hosted by NBC's, "The Today Show". David Copperfield chose Kayla for the special grand prize and the honored title of "The Next Great Magician". Wow!

Trent James: Rabbit-less

A magic show for cool people

Trent James, Brookville, IL


Saturday, January 18 @ 1:30pm

Saturday, January 18 @ 6:00pm

Sunday, January l9 @ 3:00pm

From a tribute to Harry Houdini and gravity defying magic, to lessons in sleight of hand, juggling, a long distance card trick and more, teen magician Trent James will take you on an entertaining "Rabbit-less" journey….because rabbits….well, they're just too mainstream.

"Dynamic Duo of Comedy Magic"

The Action Bros, Louisville, KY


Thursday, January 16 @ 7:30pm

Friday, January 17 @ 9:00pm

The Brothers weave mime, ventriloquism and time tested comedy magic into their act, making their show truly unique! As their show unfolds, the audience suspends reality and for a brief time, takes a proverbial road trip on the wings of The Action Bros. imagination.

The Crescent Circus: The Magic of New Orleans

Morgan Tsu-Raun and NathanKepner, New Orleans

Website: www.CrescentCircus.com

Thursday, January 16 @ 9:00pm

Saturday, January 18 @ 7:30pm

Sunday, January 19 @ 1:30pm

Doves, knives, hula hoops, acrobatics, even a cannon...this show has something for everybody. The Crescent Circus brings a fusion of international award winning magic, unique circus stunts and wildly interactive comedy to the stage

The Broadway Magic Show

Jamahl Keyes, IN


Friday, January 17, 7:30pm

Saturday, January 18, 3:00pm

Sunday, January l9, 7:30pm

What happens when you combine comedy magic, dance and the spirit of Broadway? You get one person, Jamahl Keyes – The Dancing Motivator Of Magic – a unique theatrical experience.


The intimate nature of close-up sleight of hand magic has been described as the ultimate experience in magical entertainment. It's magic that is performed within inches of the audience and usually witnessed from all angles. Using simple everyday objects and borrowed items it is by far the most challenging to perform.

"Blinded by the Wyrd"

Obtuse Oldaker


Thursday, January 16, 8:30pm

Saturday, January 18, 6:30pm

Sunday, January 19, 2:30pm

Show Description: Obtuse brings you his angle on reality.

Walking the edge of belief and perception. Poetry and


The Magic of Life

Cody Comet, Louisville, KY


Friday, January 17, 7:30pm

Saturday, January 18, 4:30pm

Sunday, January 19, 4:30pm

A unique blend of comedy and magic that is intimate and personal. Magical moments when butterflies come alive in the conjurers hands of teen magician, Cody Comet.

Impossible Matters

Caleb Wiles, Indianapolis, IN


Friday, January 17, 6:30pm

Saturday, January 18, 8:30pm

Sunday, January 19, 5:30pm

The more you think you know, the more you will be fooled. Using a mix of sleight-of-hand and psychological techniques, Caleb's presentations will keep you thinking long after the show is over.

After Dark Mystery Show

John Shore, Kentucky Magic Dinner Show


Friday, Jan 17, 8:30pm

Saturday, January 18, 7:30pm

Sunday, January 19, 3:30pm

This is a mystical encounter with a modern master Conjurer. John's passion for the craft of magic brings strong mystery, history, comedy and drama to each performance. A must see show.

Ryan Siebert, The Mystic


Thursday, January 16, 7:30pm

Saturday, January 17, 5:30pm

Sunday, January 19, 6:30pm

Ryan's sleight-of-hand magic is a rare treat to witness. World class magic, up close, typically reserved for private engagements. Don't miss this opportunity before it disappears!

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