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Musings From The Man Cave

Musings From The Man Cave

March 05, 2014 | 12:20 PM

Hoosier native and Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year, Kevin Burke, has returned to Indy to star in Rob Becker's Broadway comedy, Defending The Caveman. Mass Avenue's Theatre On The Square will never be the same as raucous laughter has likely shifted the foundation since the show opened earlier this year!

This hilariously insightful production explores gender differences and similarities. I enjoyed the show in Chicago in 1992, was fortunate to attend the Indy premier in January, and I am going to see it again in two weeks. If I can find an excuse to go once more in April, I most definitely will.

Defending The Caveman follows a script, however, each show is unique as Burke expertly improvises, interacts and connects with his audience. His penchant for comedic timing in Defending The Caveman has been honed by 3,000 + performances. In fact, he holds the record for most theatrical performances in a 50 day span in The Guinness Book of World Records.

Here's the shtick. Men are hunters, instinctively zeroing in on their prey or a given task. Women are gatherers, scanning the landscape to determine which fruits are in season and which stream will provide the best water. Using vivid examples, Burke reminds us that this description, although thousands of years old, hasn't changed much. He also illustrates how men tend to negotiate and women tend to cooperate in group situations. His sidesplitting example of refilling the empty chip bowl is right on target.

Don't worry, the tone of the show is definitely "pro couple" and encourages folks to discuss, celebrate (and tolerate) differences. Burke's musings do not declare one gender a winner with the best approach. Although irreverent at times, all is fair and balanced.

So, grab your significant other (by the hair if you must) and get to Theatre on the Square for Defending The Caveman. For tickets and show information visit www.tots.org or call the box office at 317-685-8687.

See you in the cave!

-Wendy S.

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