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AeroGarden 7

AeroGarden 7

August 27, 2012 | 10:17 AM

The AeroGarden 7 high-output garden produces an abundance of fresh herbs, flowers, vegetables, salad greens and more indoors, year-round. Using aeroponic technology, your plants grow in water, nutrient and oxygenated air to directly deliver nourishment to their roots.

Benefits of the AeroGarden Classic:
  • Automated light, nutrients and water reminders
  • Twice the light of the AG3 for bigger yields and faster growth
  • Grows salads, herbs flowers, cherry tomatoes, peppers and more

    Features of the AeroGarden Classic:
  • Foolproof gardening - tells you when to add water and nutrients
  • Just drop in the pre-seeded Grow Pods and watch it grow
  • Plants thrive under built-in automated Grow Lights

    A Back to School Resolution That You Can Live With – Healthy Family Eating Can Start With Home-Grown Vegetables by AeroGarden

    As a parent, it's one of the oldest challenges - how to get your kids to eat their vegetables. Many parents have to resort to bribery or punishment to get their children to have a salad or eat any vegetables while others turn to sneaking these foods into meals by buying expensive foods and juices containing "hidden" vegetables. Instead, why not get them involved and engaged in the process by growing their own? This year, as children head back to school, why not commit to something you all can all do together…eating healthy at home.

    With AeroGarden (http://www.aerogarden.com), an innovative indoor hydroponic garden from AeroGrow, anyone can grow farmer's market fresh herbs, salad greens, tomatoes, chili peppers, flowers and more, indoors, year-round with no dirt or mess. There's nothing safer, fresher, or healthier than food you grow yourself, it is environmentally friendly because no pesticides or chemicals are needed, and it's fun! Seeds germinate in days and the plants grow up to 3X faster than plants grown in soil -- right in your kitchen! It's just what's needed to get kids to get, and keep, an interest in fresh, healthy food. And, according to independent laboratory tests, vegetables like lettuce grown in the AeroGarden are fresher and contain as much as 3x more Vitamin C than store bought vegetables.

    So this September, make a resolution that you and your family can do together, eat healthier at home with AeroGarden.

    To Purchase a Aero Garden 7 visit aerogarden.com

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