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True Confessions of a Stay at Home Dad
This is a blog about my life. My wife and I have three kids, ages six, three and one. Last year I gave up my gig as a middle school teacher to stay home with my kids full-time. This past year has been the most challenging, easy, relaxing, stressful, fun, tiring and rewarding year of my life.

My wife Amanda and I have been married for seven years. She spends her days (and nights and weekends) as an overworked Medical Resident.

Our oldest daughter, Eloise, is a bright, sweet, emotional first grader that loves to talk (she gets it from her mom). When not at school she is most likely playing dress up, turning some part of our house into a playroom, or creating a craft projects that involve: glue, magazines, markers, staples, stickers, scissors, crayons, pens, and a dozen sheets of paper.

Henry, the three year old middle child, is hell on wheels. There is not a house or store Henry cannot destroy in five to seven minutes max. He loves playing with his trucks, digging in his sandbox and occasionally putting on his sister’s pink plastic high heels.

Maggie, the one year old, is as sweet as they come. At a very early age she learned that her crying could barely be heard over the volume of her siblings. She has developed a blood curdling scream in order to get our attention that would make any horror movie producer proud.

Well there you have it, that’s pretty much my family in a nutshell.

DISCLAIMER: If you are looking for parenting advice you have come to the wrong place. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Club

Welcome to the Club

October 09, 2012 | 06:44 AM

It was so much fun having friends over for dinner last week.

They were just a few days away from having their first baby, so most of the conversation was about that. We talked about all sorts of things like sleep, meconium (consider yourself lucky if you don't know what it is), feeding a baby, choosing a names, car seats, baby carriers and clothes, the list goes on and on.

It was also fun to think back and talk about when we had our first baby. I remember being so tired in the hospital the night my daughter was born that I offered her money, hoping to bribe her back to sleep.

We talked about when we brought our new baby home from the hospital, it was the one and only time my wife rode in the backseat with the baby. Once we got home my wife took our sleeping daughter out of her carrier (apparently this was before she invented Rule #1- Never bother a sleeping baby.)and started a photo shoot changing our three-day-old into half a dozen outfits.

Later that night we sat down for a meal and I was so sleep deprived that I took dirty dishes out of the dishwasher and used them to serve dinner. Once we realized what had happened we were laughing too hard to even eat a bite.

It was crazy. We were in disbelief that the hospital let us take this baby home even though we had no idea what in the world we were doing.

It was great to think back about some of those first experiences.

Then at the end of the night the best thing happened. I was able to clean out our closet and give a whole bunch of baby stuff to our expecting friends.

After all isn't that what it's all about, unloading all your old baby gear on unsuspecting new parents?

Happy Parenting!



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