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True Confessions of a Stay at Home Dad
In May of 2011, I dismissed class for the last time and began a new chapter in my life, full-time dad. I taught middle school for seven years, but with two kids and a third on the way, I wasn't able to give as much time to teaching as it required, plus I wanted to spend more time with my own kids, instead of someone else's.

My wife and I have been married for nine years. She spends her days (and some nights and weekends) as an OB/GYN, or as my kids like to call it, “catching babies.”

We have three kids. First Born is eight years old, but likes to pretend she’s in college. Our son, Middle Man is five, but we’re convinced by the way he talks about things like “beautiful sunsets” that he’s an old soul, and our youngest, the Blonde Bomber is only three, but already has the attitude of a teenager.

Our kids provide us with an endless amount of stories. Writing and retelling these stories for Indy’s Child has been my part-time job for the past three years.

You can contact me on Facebook at True Confessions of a Stay at Home Dad or via email at indyschildpete@gmail.com.

Please don't offer my kids dessert!

Please don't offer my kids dessert!

February 13, 2014 | 11:30 AM

Dear restaurant server,

Don't ask my kids if they want ice cream for dessert, or any dessert for that matter. I understand you are a teenager and may not understand exactly how these things work, but my kids are not the ones that make that decision. It is a decision made by a parent, not a two-year-old or a four-year-old.

If you are going to directly ask them if they want dessert, there should be some rules in place beforehand. You are only allowed to directly ask my children if they would like ice cream after their meal under the following circumstances:

1. You plan on paying for it. Since you asked THEM, not ME if they wanted ice cream, I assume you understand they don't have a wallet in their diaper and therefore will not be paying for it.

2. Unless you plan on giving them a clean set of clothes, taking the dirty clothes home, deep cleaning the chocolate spots out of them, washing, drying, folding and returning them to us, then please don't offer my kids ice cream.

3. Unless you are the one that's going to come to my house and calm my children down from their sugar buzz and put them to bed for the evening, don't offer my kids ice cream.

I'm an adult. I can read. I'm fully aware your restaurant has a large dessert list and I'm sure it's delicious. If I would like a dessert (for me or my kids) I will seek it out myself.

If you would still prefer to offer my kids ice cream, but do not plan on doing the three steps listed above, please be aware that you must assist me calming my child down after you suggest dessert to them, and I tell them no.

Thanks and have a great day. And, next time, as we're walking out the door, please don't say, "Kids, come back tomorrow and I'll give you more ice cream then!"


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