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Jane Grimes: Autism Advocate
Jane Grimes, married to husband George for 7 years and has two daughters, Ally age 12, who attends Noblesville Schools and Taylor age 13 who attends a private school in Carmel,lives in Noblesville, IN. Her family has two dogs and two cats....the newest addition is Buckey their full-breed basset hound! Jane graduated from The Ohio State University in 1988 with a B.S. in Education and a minor in Pyschology. Jane spent several years in the education field and then moved into sales and marketing in the IT industry working for companies like Monster.com and CapGemini. She now works in the autism field as her older daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was six years old. Jane has written many articles about parent advocacy, trainings for parents, supporting families to include siblings, grandparents, neighbors and schools on autism. She has had a very successful career in starting the Hamilton County Autism Support Group as a non-profit organization and recently moving this to a state level non-profit now called the Indiana Autism Scholarship Foundation. Jane currently works fulltime as the Enrollment Director at the Applied Behavior Center for Autism and loves her job. "Seeing the progess of so many children diagnosed with autism at so many different levels, yet knowing they all have a place in our world to make a positive difference continues to motivate me to do more in our community."

LIfe with Autism

April 20, 2012 | 11:08 AM

Ever have a day when you just watch your child with autism and you just wonder what they are thinking? I often wonder how my daughter's brain thinks sometimes and when I ask her, she tells me about her "blogger people" she has these blogger people that help her throughout her day. If she has problems in math, she says she just stops and each blogger tells her each step, they are colorful bloggers but they break each step down for her. I thought this was absolutely amazing. At any given time I can ask her what her "blogger people" are doing and she can tell me. If you stop and think about this, it truly is interesting to think that an autism's brain as we know is wired differently, but to think about how individuals with autism go through their day whether they are verbal or not, the amount of extrodinary energy and "thinking" they do that we do not even know about! I love to just watch kids with autism ....when I think about how their brains must work, it intreges me to think how truly smart they all are! I have seen first hand children who cannot speak a word, do activities, games, put things together and realize just how ignorant I was before entering the autism world. I would be very interested to hear your stories about your children with autism and what they do and are doing! Please feel free to share.

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