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My Summer Story
My Summer Story
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My Summer Vacation's!!

Chelsea, Age 10 | August 06, 2012 | 09:15 AM

ast summer me and my family went to New Jersey to vist my cousins. Because our cousins live there. They are really funny. When we were there we went to the beach with them. We went shopping with them and we got ice cream together. This summer we went to Universal Orlando Resort Florida. We were sad and excited. We were sad because we have a dog named Buddy and he is a Pug and they did not accept Pugs. So we had to leave him at Pet Smart. The plane ride was great it felt like a roller-coaster.We we got there we went to our Hotel it was Best Western. So we unpacked our stuff and we all got settled in. Then we looked out our window, and we saw a big wide swimming pool. So we decided to go there later. We were all hungry, because we did not eat anything from the plane. So we went out buy sandwich's So then we ate and we asked for directions to Universal Orlando Resort. It was kind of far from our hotel. Then we walked all the way to it. So we looked around. We had the choice to go to either Island Adventure or Universal. So we went to Island Adventure. There are a lot of rides some of them me and my sister didn't want to go on because we were to scared. Then we went on a bus to get back to our Hotel. We ate the sandwich we bought. Then we went to sleep. In the morning we ate a sandwich. Then went to the Universal park. It was fun too. They only had one roller-coaster it was called "The Rocket" we went on it. But there was a ton of shows, like "The Revenge of the Mummy". The name was scary to me. But I went in. The roller-coaster was scary. Because we had a drop backwards. So we went back in to the bus to go back to our hotel. We didn't have any food left so we just bought and ate "Lays" chips. We drank tea. In the morning we went to Island Adventure. We saw a place called "Animal Actors" so we went in. Before it started I said, "Maybe Frank the Pug will be there." Because I love Pugs. Then it started and Frank was there. I knew It! Other animals were there too.

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