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My Summer Story
My Summer Story
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My Booming Summer Vacay

Jessica VanScoyoc | August 07, 2012 | 09:00 AM

We recently got back from a 9 day family vacation to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We camped right on Lake Superior, closest town was 40 minutes away and was a tiny town that rationed their purchasing of fuel. (That tidbit of info is to help you understand the remoteness and tininess of the town.) Our campsite had no running water and your only options to bathe were in the freezing cold lake or to drive to said tiny town and pay $.50 for 3 minutes. Anyway, it is the most peaceful and beautiful place that many people have laid eyes on and even with the lack of cell phone service, internet, or even contact with civilization at all, we continue to make the 12 hour drive yearly. Our 3 and 5 year olds had a blast playing on the beach, braving the cold water, making s'mores, and staying up late. Everything went smoothly until we left for the afternoon to go exploring and when we returned to our campsite we found that a huge storm had blown in and tipped over, collapsed, and almost demolished at least 3 of our group's tents. Our stuff was soaked, we had no way to dry anything and being that it was 7 at night we didn't have time to air dry. So we packed the kids up in search of a motel. Apparently, the storm ruined multiple people's camping plans because out the 6 motels we found not one had a room available. We made a game out of our motel hunting and even had smiles on our faces as we drove the hour to a family members house to crash for the night. All in all we learned to expect the unexpected and always find the humor in the curveballs thrown your way.

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