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My Summer Story
My Summer Story
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My favorite thing I've done this summer is...

Claire, Age 9 | August 07, 2012 | 09:00 AM

On the last week of school our class had a store. We had stores all throughout the school year. When you were well behaved or being outstanding, you'd get Behavior Bucks. Of course it was just paper money!!! We could spend our money on little stuff like stickers or pencils. But most people saved up for one of the bigger prizes, like going to get ice cream with our teacher Mrs. Smith and her daughter Grace + a friend of your choice. I was always fabulous, so I actually did both!

This summer on June 12, my friend Gabby and I went to the Brooks School Park together with Mrs. Smith (teacher) and her daughter Grace. First, we met at Ritter's to get ice cream or snow cones. Gabby and I both got snow cones. YUM! Our snow cones were absolutely delicious! After we finished our snow cones, we walked right over to the Brooks School Park because they are so close together. Gabby, Grace, and I decided that we were all going to play hide-and-go-seek. The playground is SO ginormous that any spot is a fantastic one! First, Grace was it. I guess my spots were really sneaky because no one could hardly ever find me. When it was finally my turn I couldn't find anyone. They were there so long they popped out of their hiding places and came to find me. I was horrible when it came to that especially! We each got to find each other one more time. My favorite hiding spot was behind the "play me piano." When we got bored from playing hide-and-go-seek, we headed for the "play me piano." It sounded pretty good for it being all of us playing at once!!!

Sadly our parents showed up and we knew it was time to go. They talked for quite a while, so Gabby and I got to hang out a little longer. When our Moms were finally done chit-chatting I said, "BYE" to Gabby and we both drove away. As we drove away I thought to myself what a great privilege it was to have gone to the park almost alone with my own teacher. I had not only an amazing time, but a forever memory.

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