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My Summer Story
My Summer Story
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Summer Story

Lacie Haney | August 07, 2012 | 09:01 AM

Summers used to be a time of relaxation and adventure. And in some ways it still is but on a different level. It all changed the summer my sister showed me "the picture". It was her first summer at sleep away camp and I had no interest. When she arrived home she was eager to get all her pictures developed. Hard copies of memories that would last a lifetime. When those pictures came back she asked me, "Do you want to see a picture of a cute guy?". I was skeptical. Our definition of cute couldn't be any more opposite. But I agreed, and that's when it happened. I never believed in love at first sight, especially in a picture. But something about the twinkle in his eye made my heart melt and gave me butterflies. Yes, maybe it was high school infatuation. But that didn't stop me from spending my next three summers at overnight camp. Of course he had a girlfriend and naturally I couldn't stand her. But that didn't stop me from talking to him every chance I got. But I eventually gave up when I felt like I didn't have a chance. But, years later, out of nowhere I received an instant message from him At first I ignored all his pursuits because for so long he had no interest but I finally gave in. We've spent the last 5 summers together and now have two beautiful baby boys to share our summers with. And I still have the picture saved, from that summer long ago, that started it all.

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