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My Summer Story
My Summer Story
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Our Family Trip to Holiday World

Caroline, age 11 | August 07, 2012 | 09:04 AM

Earlier this summer I learned that my fun-loving family was going to take a trip to Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana. This was big news since we had not had a chance to visit in a few years. Being in a family with multiple kids, we needed entertainment 24/7, year-round. It can't be that unusual to grow restless without the daily routine of school ahead of you each morning, can it?

Well, there was much excitement flowing through our veins when we awoke to the news of Holiday World Splash and Safari that day. Hastily, we gathered our bags and set off to the long drive ahead of us. Now, you have to know, I'm not much of a sit-still kind of person. I can't help but to be fidgety sometimes. I get bored pretty quickly, and was surprised when I fell fast asleep within only a few minutes.

When I woke from my beauty sleep we weren't far from our destination; I could distinctly make out the yellow water tower labeled with the red Holiday World letters. My siblings and I were jumping with excitement, if it's possible to jump while buckled tightly into a seatbelt. The only ride we could see from the parking lot was The Raven rollercoaster. It looked pretty large to me, considering that I've never actually been on an outdoor roller coaster. "NO WAY am I riding that," I screamed.

When we entered the theme park, a sudden rush of happy memories flooded my brain. I could vaguely recall coming to this Indiana attraction many times before, and I couldn't wait to take a walk down memory lane. The first ride that we boarded was called Frightful Falls. This water ride was located

in the Halloween section of the park, my favorite season of the year. It reminded me of my fall birthday and happy holiday memories, like dressing up in intricate costumes in order to run free collecting delicious treats and creating precious family memories. So, we climbed aboard the log-shaped raft and

set off for the wild ride. Well, the wild part began when the person riding behind me in the raft, began to make horrific animal sounds while the log drifted into pitch black. Then, before I knew it, we were on a slender conveyor belt proceeding to the top of a steeper-than-I-remember drop. SWOOOOSH! We plunged down the hill and got soaked from head to toe.

Shortly afterward, we entered the Splash and Safari side of Holiday World. I was thrilled to finally have a chance to splash around in the waves and feel the rush of the cold water on my toes. The first water coaster we decided to ride was named the Wildebeast, and it sure lived up to its name. After waiting for almost a full forty-five minutes, we advanced on the large tube with fear. As soon as we began to head up onto the conveyor belt, my stomach was in knots. Then, out of nowhere, the attraction surged forward and the excitement began. Drop after drop, we plummeted through the tubes like a rocket ship blasting through the atmosphere. I could barely breathe as cold water splashed upon my face. Then, soon enough, the coaster was over, and the Wildebeast would be a happy memory to remember with my family forever.

An few hours later, we found ourselves in the same position as before; scared out of our wits and wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. My family was seated in a large, durable, circular raft, part of an attraction called the Mammoth. As I looked around the circle of familiar faces as we proceeded up the conveyor belt, I only saw one truly happy family, despite the looks of fear written all over our faces. Suddenly, I couldn't see anything and my stomach was in my throat. As I wiped my eyes, I smiled as we shot through twists and turns, ups and downs, and rode the wildest ride of my life. SPLISH, SPLASH, SWISH!!! It was the best part of the summer, and I realized how lucky we were to have this experience in our life and to remember in our hearts forever. It was a feeling similar to the "flying" Hallow Swings located also in the Halloween section of the park. It felt like I had been just swept off my feet in a rush of family happiness and joy. The memories flying past my eyes and knowing that this day will always be remembered and spoken thoughtfully of for many years to come.

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