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My Baby Journal
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And now -- BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but I know it will be amazing!

Baby? Baby!

May 16, 2013 | 09:19 AM

I have been extremely excited to share all of this news! I have held it in for so long now and it has been rather difficult. I am going to start from the beginning and try to keep up throughout my pregnancy.

I hope you will join me!!!

This is around the time all the excitement began. Ben & I had plans to go out with friends to watch the IU game for March Madness.


I was supposed to start a day before this, but I really did not think much of missing at the time, as I have been very irregular lately – and by lately, I mean, the past two years.

I had been doing research since January on how to track and find the best days for becoming pregnant. I was trying to stay on top of all this during the months of January and February, but nothing happened. I had taken a few pregnancy tests during these months, but nothing…

When mid-February arrived, Ben and I decided it might be best to wait. We had our Spring Break trip to Roatan coming up, and after that I would be in a wedding in Destin, Florida. It just seemed best to wait until after those two beach-y, festive occasions.

But life does not always work out as planned…

The day after we went out with friends for the IU game, I still had not started. I decided to take a pregnancy test, even though I felt like this was not possible – I had not been keeping careful track, and I had stopped caring so much and trying so hard, so how could it happen now?

I took the first test Saturday morning before Ben and I were to go drop off my car at Toyota for a check. Test #1 –>


Baby? I was not sure – the plus sign looked so faint, I thought maybe it was not really there. Was I seeing things? Was the test inaccurate? After about a million looks at the test, I still was uncertain...

On our way home, after dropping off my vehicle, I rode in the passenger seat and secretly Googled away on my phone, "positive pregnancy tests" under images. I kept zooming in and examining the images to compare the positive signs to my own possible-positive sign. Is my test showing a real plus sign??

I also frantically Googled questions such as, "Can you take two pregnancy tests in one day?" – Yes, you can! Thank Goodness!

I told Ben I wanted to stop to get a pregnancy test so that I had it at home and could take it in a week, before we left for Roatan. I told him I wanted to be sure I was not pregnant before we left for Spring Break in Roatan because I knew we would enjoy many alcoholic beverages while we were there.

I actually secretly wanted to purchase a digital (/easier to read) pregnancy test to take as soon as we returned home again (!!!!!!) Test #2 –>


Okay, now this is real (!!!!) and I am going to be a Mommy (!!!!)

Love, ~Ann

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