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And now -- BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but I know it will be amazing!

Our Own Little Secret

May 20, 2013 | 06:34 PM

I cannot wait to share more of my Baby story ~ It has been so hard to keep it a secret for such a long time!! It seems like forever since I found out I would be a Mommy, but I remember it like it was yesterday…

I had truly planned to do something very sweet for Ben to share the news with him. For the last few months, I had been trying to decide how I would tell him when the day finally arrived. I always planned that I would set up a video camera or my iPhone to capture his reaction.

No way!!! I was way too anxious / nervous / excited / surprised… It seemed impossible to wait to tell him (!!!!)

A few months ago, when Ben & I were actually trying, I had purchased a book to give him on the day I told him, so at least I had that.

I walked from the guest bathroom, where I was doing all my secret Baby work, to our bedroom, where Ben was putting clothes away. I walked over to the dresser with the pregnancy test behind my back and a huge grin on my face. He did not know what was going on and I just kept smiling. Finally, I pulled the pregnancy test from behind my back and showed it to him.

(!!!!!) I think he was speechless at first, and then he just gave me a big, long hug and I started crying – happy tears, of course! Together, we were in shock!!

After moments of shock, hugging, crying, and speechless-ness, I went to get the book I had ordered for Ben. It was still in the amazon package, addressed to me, but I did not care. I was just excited to give it to him and so happy for our new family.



Lilly seemed confused when I told her she would be a Big Sister ---


Ben & I spent the next hour or so in a strange daze, trying to take in this exciting news, talking about our new Baby – which room will become the new nursery? How will we share the news with our family? What is the first step to being a parent? It was as if we were not exactly sure what to do with ourselves for a while after we learned our special news…

That afternoon, when we came out of our initial shock, we made a quick trip to the bookstore and Old Navy…


I purchased "Pregnancy and Birth" and it has proven to be very helpful already.

We also purchased the teeniest baby flip flops from Old Navy that would be used soon to help us make our announcement cards and spread the news to friends and family… We knew our Baby would never actually get to wear these adorable flip flops – as our new book taught us that Baby Titus would not be born until the end of November.

That evening, Ben and I celebrated together… Ben had wine and then he wrote our special celebration on the cork and added it to our cork jar.


Ben and I celebrated the happiest moment in our relationship. We celebrated our new Baby and our new family. We celebrated a most special blessing and, for now, this was our very own little secret!

Love, ~Ann

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