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And now -- BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but I know it will be amazing!

Sharing Our Secret

Sharing Our Secret

June 04, 2013 | 08:46 AM

I have been incredibly busy wrapping up the school year. I am anxious to continue my Baby story now that school is over and summer break has arrived!!

After sharing the amazing news with Ben, I did some research and I read a lot of different opinions on the best time to share the news with family. I learned that the chance of miscarriage decreases greatly after the twelve-week mark, so many people wait until then. There was absolutely no way we could wait twelve weeks to share the news with our parents, though. I decided that if anything bad did happen, I would want my parents to be there for me.

We knew we wanted to tell our parents right away!!

Both of our moms had birthdays coming up very soon, so we decided to use this as a way to share our incredible news! Both of our moms also have Pandora charm bracelets!


My parents planned a trip up to visit before we left for our Spring Break trip to Roatan, Honduras. Before we left for dinner the evening they arrived, I surprised my mom with the charm!!

At first she was confused about the charm, but the expression on her face when she realized it was a baby carriage was unforgettable!! She was ecstatic!! My dad seemed to be in disbelief at first, but eventually he shared in our excitement!!

What a fun night! I love sharing this good news. When we went to dinner, we got to hear their stories about pregnancy and babies! My mom has been very happy ever since she learned this news. I know she is excited to be a grandma!! She has already given Baby Titus so many special gifts!

Early the next morning, we were headed to the airport with Ben's parents. We were joining them for our Spring Break trip to Roatan, Honduras. Ben thought we should give his mom her birthday gift while waiting at the airport. We were excited to share our secret!!

Her reaction was similar to that of my mom, as it took a moment to figure out what kind of charm this was, but when she discovered the baby carriage and what it meant, there were many tears of joy!!!

Thinking back on these wonderful moments makes me smile!!!

It would be quite a while before we shared the news with anyone else. We decided to wait until I was twelve weeks before we told friends and family, with the exception of my sister, who I would tell as soon as I saw her next!!

A lot happened in the seven weeks before we shared our news with everyone, but I will write more on that in my upcoming posts. Today I want to concentrate on how we shared our special news.

We wanted to share our news with family in person, if possible. We made a weekend trip to Southern Indiana around my twelve-week mark --- and Lilly wore her new shirt!!!


We took Lilly to visit family members and show off her new Big Sister shirt! I loved including Lilly in our new family surprise!! She was the bearer of amazing news that weekend and her news made everyone smile!!! Everyone was excited to learn about Baby Titus!

To share the news with close friends and family who we were unable to visit, we took a picture while in Roatan that we sent out around the twelve-week mark.


It felt great to get the secret out. There was a tiny part of me that felt sad, knowing that these first twelve weeks were over already and our secret no longer belonged only to us -- But having the support of friends and family feels wonderful. Knowing they are happy for us and excited about Baby Titus makes us feel safe and special.

I am now at 14 weeks and I am looking forward to sharing my journey through my upcoming posts – including my feelings, my morning sickness, my cravings, and my emotions!

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