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Tough Cravings

Tough Cravings

June 10, 2013 | 09:15 AM

Those who know me or have read Turbo Teacher, know what a health nut I am – or was...

Before getting pregnant, I always told Ben that I would not be someone who used pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything I wanted. However, in my first 13 weeks of pregnancy, I truly did just that. I craved the most ridiculous foods – Macaronie and Cheese, Bagel Bites, Pizza Rolls, Frisco Melts from Steak-n-Shake, Spaghettios. These foods used to disgust me, why are they sounding so appealing now?? It was not that I ate too much food, but rather just that everything I ate was incredibly unhealthy.

I used to love salads, green beans, broccoli, grilled chicken, but these were all sounding repulsive to me. I wanted nothing to do with them.

I laughed when I told others about my cravings, but it actually really troubled me at times. Pregnancy is supposed to be a special time!! But I disliked the choice of foods my body was craving, and I especially disliked what those foods were doing to my body.

I know that one does not have to give into cravings, and normally I am great at mind over matter, but this all changes during pregnancy, especially in the beginning. I felt like the foods I was craving were the only foods that might help me feel better, or help me stop feeling nauseous. That definitely was not the case, as I often continued to feel nauseous after eating, but my body still insisted on these unhealthy foods.

My pants stopped fitting very early in my pregnancy. Yes, I have heard of the Bellybands, but those do not work if you cannot even get your pants over your thighs...

I finally decided it was time to go in search of bigger clothing for myself. This is what all ladies do during pregnancy, I was no exception. I entered Target with this mission – and left with nothing but tears. I became so upsest while I was trying on clothes, I just put my basket away and left the store empty-handed. I was thankful for my sunglasses to hide the tears on my way out.

Along with being upset for reasons mentioned above, I started making myself nervous about what this unhealthy food could be doing to my Baby Titus. I started questioning, and then I started researching. I must stop reading so much information online – it just makes me worry!! People say that your body craves what it needs, but how could my body and Baby Titus need these crazy unhealthful foods??

I want to enjoy my pregnancy and embrace this special time in life, but it has been difficult at certain points. I am not sure how many people I expect to understand this post, but I am only trying to be real about myself and my feelings throughout my pregnancy.

I am normally completely in control of what I eat and what my body wants, but it seems during my first 13 weeks of pregnancy, I lost all control – and that was just tough for me. I had quite a few breakdowns during these weeks and I was very thankful to have such an incredible Hubby!!

I am at 15 weeks now and have recently started feeling more energetic and much less nauseous. Because of this, I feel like I can now do a better job of controlling what I eat. I have made a conscious effort to eat more greens and give Baby Titus more healthful foods. I have recently been craving strawberries and cantaloupe!!! And I feel more able to start exercising again!!!

I am thankful for my Mom, Hubby Ben, for my Sister, and for good friends, who have helped me through those first weeks - constantly reminding me that my body needed those yucky foods and my body needs to change in order for Baby Titus to be healthy!!

Ben continuously tells me how beautiful I look and reminds me that pregnancy is an amazing time I need to embrace. My body is creating a new life (!!!!) so of course it will endure many changes. I am learning to be accepting of those changes and recently purchased four new pieces of larger clothing for myself.

I am truly starting to enjoy this amazing time now that I am feeling better, less nauseous, and more energetic. I am very excited to be that glowing, happy pregnant Mommy I am supposed to be!!

I am constantly wondering how others feel, or felt, when pregnant! Please feel free to share any insights you might have!!! I would love to hear!!

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