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And now -- BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but I know it will be amazing!

16 Weeks and Working Out!!!

16 Weeks and Working Out!!!

June 17, 2013 | 01:54 PM

I am excited to say that I have been feeling much better as of Week 15. My crazy unhealthy cravings have subsided for the most part. The best news update is that I actually feel like working out again!!! I think Baby Titus is enjoying the sweaty workouts also!!

I have stuck with fairly low-intensity, low-impact workouts and I have kept them around 30-40 minutes. This small bit of exercise added into my day makes me feel fabulous!! Today I went for a short run and I think Baby Titus loved it! I know Mommy did!!

I love reading the Mommy Question and Answer sessions, so I have decided to share one of my own with you!!

Have you started to show yet? I have a tiny bump, but I think I am still in that phase where I just look like I have gained weight, instead of actually looking pregnant with a baby bump!

Total weight gain: Nearly 10 pounds already (Yikes!!) This is probably thanks to all of my unhealthy cravings mentioned on my previous post. I am trying to get those under control now and make more healthful choices. I am constantly worrying about gaining too much weight and hurting Baby Titus.

Food cravings: I have many less unhealthy food cravings now than I did in my first 14 weeks of pregnancy – Thank Goodness!!! Macaroni and Cheese always sounds delicious, though!! I seem to be craving more sweet treats lately than I did in the beginning.

Anything making you sick: The thought of grilled chicken still bothers me, which is strange because it was my favorite at one time. My prenatal vitamin makes me feel nauseous, so I now take it right before bedtime.

Miss Anything? I really miss strength training lately! My arms feel like Jell-O, but that is alright with me - I am just thankful for my healthy Baby Titus!!

Best moment this week: Turbo Jam workouts!! I love that I finally have enough energy to exercise again. I keep my workouts low-intensity and fairly short in length, but I love the feeling!!!

Annoyances: I already have to use to the restroom constantly!! When I workout or go for a run, it is very bothersome to always feel the urge to have to tinkle!!

Gender Predictions: I have a feeling Baby Titus is a boy!

Looking forward to: My next appointment with Dr. Gallagher this week! I have so many questions for her and cannot wait to check up on Baby Titus and hear the heartbeat again!!!

More updates from Mommy and Baby Titus soon!!

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