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17 Weeks and Weight Gain

17 Weeks and Weight Gain

June 26, 2013 | 09:45 AM

A lot has happened since I last posted. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride for me. Last time I posted, I was feeling pretty great about my new workout routine!! And remember, I was excited for my upcoming appointment?? Here is a summary of my thoughts on that day…

Today was my 17 Week appointment and we found out great news: Baby Titus is very healthy and doing well, and we were able to hear the heartbeat, which was amazing all over again. But my appointment seemed to go downhill from that point.

After hearing the heartbeat, I asked her about my weight gain. This has been on my mind ever since my cravings for all that greasy food began. In so many words, the doctor told me that I had gained too much weight for this point in my pregnancy, or more than what is considered normal. I wanted to put on my sunglasses while she continued, but I held back my tears instead.

Then I informed the doctor of my very healthy pre-pregnancy eating habits, as I thought she might attribute my extra weight gain to this. In my mind, it makes sense that someone like me, who ate so strictly and healthfully pre-pregnancy, might gain more weight than the average woman, as my body is not used to all of the unhealthy foods I was craving.

I hoped this is what the doctor would say, also. But she only went on to tell me that she would like me to go back to my healthful pre-pregnancy eating habits now. The doctor said she would ideally like to see me gain only 5 pounds in the next 9 weeks.

Hubby Ben says, and perhaps he is correct, that it will not be a big deal if I gain 7 or 8, instead of 5, but that is simply not how my mind works. If the Doctor says 5, then I want to do 4 – I want to meet or beat my goal to keep Baby Titus healthy.

I kept calm about this news until I got to the parking lot, where I then put on my shades and let it all out. I am sure that this news would upset any pregnant woman, but I think it was extra difficult for me, as I am so strange about my healthful eating habits anyway.

I cried for a quite a while after my appointment. I even cancelled dinner plans with two really great friends because the very last thing I wanted to do right then was go out to eat. I just wanted to be by myself and not eat.

Before this appointment, I was truly starting to enjoy and embrace my pregnancy and learning to love my new body, but days like this one make it more difficult for me. I am not sure of the underlying reason why this news upset me so badly, but maybe, like everything else in my life, I just want do this pregnancy thing too perfectly, and it upsets me that I haven't…

This appointment was nearly a week ago, and I am excited to share my new outlook with you and how I have changed since this appointment! Stay tuned to my Baby Journey and I will continue this roller coaster tomorrow!!!

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