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19 Weeks and Oh Emotions!!

19 Weeks and Oh Emotions!!

July 10, 2013 | 08:01 PM

I cannot believe I am almost at 20 weeks! Halfway through this exciting journey!! This is going too fast for me!!! I do wish it would slow down just a bit.

My body is definitely changing and my belly is most definitely growing, but during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I have noticed some major mental changes, as well!

Over the Fourth weekend, my Hubby and I and two other couples went for a long weekend getaway to enjoy some time on the lake! I particularly noticed these changes while we were gone over the weekend, in unfamiliar territory.

First of all, I have noticed myself being somewhat claustrophobic lately. I think I have always disliked small spaces to an extent, but now it seems to terrifies me a bit. I do not like being near a lot of people or in a small area. I absolutely need my space lately!! I feel overwhelmed when there are groups of people near me, especially people I do not know. Over the weekend, standing on the dock with groups of people near me was bothersome for me. I felt that I had to get away from these groups and off the dock pronto!

Along similar lines, I have noticed myself being very anxious, or nervous, especially in unfamiliar situations. I find myself nervous about things that normally I might not even think twice about. Today, my mom and I were driving down a rock road with a lake on my side, the passenger side. I felt very anxious driving near that lake, nervous that our vehicle might somehow fall in. I continuously warned my mom to be careful!! Over the weekend, I was the designated driver, and even driving seemed to make me nervous. I was sure to drive 10-2 and stay focused!! What? Why? I drive all the time!!!!

It also seems that I become stressed out incredibly easily lately. I have no stress tolerance before I explode!!! I am already an easily-stressed person, but this just seems to have escalated in the last few weeks!! I have been overly emotional and crying very easily lately, sometimes for silly reasons. In the moment, my stress and tears seem quite rational to me, but looking back, I know I would not normally stress about such things.

Though I had a wonderful time with great friends, being away from home for our long weekend getaway at the cabin was actually pretty difficult for me, although I tried to hold this in until I was alone, or with my Hubby only. Everything seemed to stress me or make me so anxious that it was difficult to enjoy myself. And I am sure it is difficult for Ben to understand why I start crying when I cannot successfully help him get the hitch on the trailer, or when I cannot correctly read a map, or when he drives too close to the Lake!!!

Oh Emotions!!!!

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