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And now -- BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but I know it will be amazing!

20 Weeks and Loving This!

20 Weeks and Loving This!

July 16, 2013 | 09:13 AM

20 weeks already! I cannot believe how quickly this journey is going for me now! I am even a bit envious of those ladies who are just learning about their new bundle of joy and sharing the news with everyone!! I would not mind to go back just a few weeks!

I love Baby Titus so much!!! Preparing for a baby is overwhelming, but I am truly loving every moment! Lots of excitement for Mommy, Daddy and Baby Titus lately!!

20 Weeks Q&A Session!!

Have you started to show yet?

Yes, definitely! For some reason, I think I starting showing very early in my pregnancy!! I most definitely have a baby bump now, but I have learned to love it!! I am even sporting a bikini this summer without worries!

Total weight gain/loss:

I have gained a total of 14 pounds already!! I think this is more than average, but I am keeping in mind that everyone is different!!

Food cravings:

Soup – (weird because it is so hot outside)! I bought 4 cans for myself at the grocery this weekend!!

Anything making you queasy or sick:

I ate something for dinner on Sunday night that did not sit well with my stomach. It is the first time I have actually been sick throughout my entire pregnancy! Unfortunately, I am uncertain as to what made me sick. Ben grilled cheese burgers that night, and perhaps that was the culprit!!

Miss Anything?

Not a darn thing. I'm seriously loving this pregnancy journey!! If I had to pick something, though, I would say that I miss my very intense, sweaty workouts, like Insanity!!! I am pumped to get back to those!!

Best moment this week:

Cutting the gender reveal cake with our families!! We are keeping the gender a secret until the shower, but invited our families over for a reveal!! This was definitely one of the best moments of my life! We were all so excited!

More about this family gender revealing on my personal blog: http://turboteacher.me


Great! for the most part. A few random emotional episodes along the way!!


Pretty great! I do not have a pregnancy pillow yet, but so far I do not feel that I need one. I am sleeping pretty well each night. My only worry is that I often wake up and realize I am sleeping on my back. My doctor informed me that this position was not good for me or Baby. Ben also helps to wake me up throughout the night if he notices I am on my back.


Maternity clothes shopping! I did a lot of that online this morning. Yesterday, Ben suggested I start doing some shopping now, so that I do not have to stress about it when school is back in session. He knows how much it stresses me! He is seriously the best!


Not much movement lately. My doctor says my uterus is tilted backward and my placenta is currently near my spine, which is probably the reason I have not felt much movement!

Looking forward to?

Purchasing some gender specific clothing now that we know what Baby Titus will be! Also looking forward to our anniversary celebration at the end of July!!!

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