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And now -- BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but I know it will be amazing!

23 Weeks and School Begins!

23 Weeks and School Begins!

August 03, 2013 | 06:55 AM

Oh my goodness! 23 Weeks!!! Baby Titus is growing and Mommy has been pretty hungry lately! I have been busy in my classroom this week, preparing for school to begin next week. I cannot believe the time is here, but the sooner it begins, the sooner we get to meet Baby Titus!!

I am not sure if it is the stress of school beginning (pretty sure it probably is), but I have definitely been extra emotional this week. I have cried many tears, sometimes for silly reasons, but not always. Hopefully I can keep myself together when school begins next week!

23 Weeks Q&A Session!

Have you started to show yet?

Confirmed! Most definitely!

Total weight gain:

My official weigh in will be next week. I have not stepped on the scale at home recently and have no urge to do so. I do not want to know what I weigh.

Food cravings:

Carbs always sound the best :-( But at least I have been enjoying my ˝ scoop of Shakeology again!!! http://myshakeology.com/CoachAnnTitus

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Nope! Feeling pretty great!

Miss Anything?

Only my sweaty workouts; I am really missing those. When I workout, I like to go all out. It is hard to do this now!

Best moment(s) this week:

Dinner with two most amazing friends at Rick's Boatyard. We ate on the water, the weather was perfect, and we talked for hours. I had pizza!! I loved having this girl time while our men were golfing!


I have been quite emotional this week! I have cried a lot. I am thankful for Ben and my mom, and even Lilly, for always being there for me!! And for my friend who always sends me pictures of her big puppy that make me smile when I am extra emotional!


Golden, except for my pelvic pain, which has lessened a bit!


Waking up super early! These are my final days to sleep in and I have been up before 6:30!! What!?? Also purchasing bigger sizes of everything!! Sometimes I borrow shirts from Ben because they are big and comfy – now they aren't even that big anymore!


Baby Titus is movin' and groovin' and I'm loving every minute. Even Hubby Ben has felt Baby Titus kick from the outside!

Looking forward to?

Nailing down the details for my baby shower, finishing the registering process, and getting ready to begin the nursery this fall: we have our flooring and bedding, have picked out furniture, and we are going for the paint today!!

Baby Buys:

I cannot help myself; I pick up something every time I am out.

Next time I post, school will be in session and I will be one tired teacher! Crazy!! It has been such an amazing summer, getting to know our precious Baby Titus!! Have a great weekend!

Remember to read more about Baby Titus at my personal blog: http://turboteacher.me

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