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24 Weeks and School Stress!!

24 Weeks and School Stress!!

August 13, 2013 | 05:56 PM

It is only Tuesday and I am feeling quite exhausted already!! For those that do not follow Turbo Teacher, I am an elementary school teacher, and school is back in session now! This is definitely the reason it has been more than a week since my last Baby Journey post!!!

This is our first full week of school and, though I am exhausted, I think it is going better than expected, as far as being a teacher and pregnant at the same time is concerned. I expected to have no extra energy at the end of every school day, but somehow I have managed to feel okay.

Teaching elementary students zaps most of my energy, pregnant or not, but by the end of the school day, after a bit of self-motivation, I am able to accomplish some evening tasks! Yesterday, I was able to motivate myself to go for a run after school!

At 24 weeks pregnant, I am still able to enjoy running! With the stress of school back in session now, I am thankful to be able to go for a run to clear my mind. Baby Titus and I hope this continues!

The pain in my back seems to come and go, but ever since the visit to my chiropractor, the pain has lessened tremendously. The pain in my groin is what bothers me most! I especially notice this at school after being on my feet for long periods of time. My plan was to try to sit down for the majority of the school day while teaching. If you are an elementary teacher, you are probably laughing at me. Sit down? Seriously? It is much more difficult than it sounds!!!

On some days, just walking down the hallway to the restroom or out to the playground is painful. I get nervous thinking about what it could be like when October and November roll around and I am even larger than I am right now, but I know so many amazing ladies that have done it and I am sure that everything will be just fine! And surprisingly enough, elementary school students can be pretty understanding when they want to be!

Finding the motivation and energy to continue being fit and active has become a challenge, but I am definitely up for this challenge!! I love pregnancy and getting to know our Baby Titus. Despite pregnancy pains and being more exhausted from teaching than I recall ever being before, I am still enjoying each day with my students, and each day is another day closer to meeting Baby Titus!!

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