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And now -- BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but I know it will be amazing!

29 Weeks and Nursery!!

September 17, 2013 | 06:57 PM

Ben and I have been working hard on the nursery this past weekend. We are feeling exhausted early in the week, but we made a lot of progress over the weekend. I often walk into the nursery in passing and turn on the light just to look around and smile. I am very happy with our progress and excited to continue the nursery project!

You can check out Turbo Teacher for some updated nursery pictures @ http://turboteacher.me

Ben and I are planning to keep the nursery very neutral and very simple. We steered away from a traditional blue or pink nursery. We decided on a neutral paint color and we do not plan to do any additional painting, such as animals or pictures of any type on the wall. I am a big fan of clean and simple.

Ben removed the carpet and put a wooden floor in the nursery. I have one decoration to hang and we are looking into an area rug. Other than this, there will not be many frills! But I am certain Baby Titus will love the room when we are all done.

Now an updated Q&A Session at 29 weeks!!!

Total weight gain/loss:

I have gained a total of 25 pounds already!! Yikes! I am not happy about this, but I also know that I am trying to keep my diet healthy and I am still exercising. I am trying to only eat when I am hungry and make healthy decisions for Baby Titus. I am doing my best and that is all I can do!

Food cravings:

I am not sure if it is the cooler weather, but this past weekend I craved soup and trail mix. I bought a few cans of soup at the store and also the ingredients for my trail mix!

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Nope! Baby Titus and I have felt pretty great lately!!

Miss Anything?

I am still anxious to get back to tough workouts, but Baby Titus trumps that any day!! I also have recently started missing my comfortable clothing. The weather was cool this weekend and I went to put on one of my comfortable hoodies – only to find that it was too tight!!! Tight sweats are definitely not comfortable!!

Best moment this week:

This past weekend was our gender reveal baby shower in Southern Indiana!! It was such a fun day and I know I will never forget it. My family made it a very special day for Ben and I and Baby Titus. It felt great to let family and friends know that Baby Titus will be a little Princess!!!


As always, I am very emotional lately!! I do not have a lot of patience to spare, as I constantly feel uncomfortable in some way.


Not quite as super as last time. I do not have a pregnancy pillow yet and do not necessarily feel like I need to purchase one. I put a bed pillow between my legs, and that seems to help! I seem to be up more frequently throughout the night to use the restroom. I had my first crazy dream this past weekend, which I have heard is fairly common for expectant Mommies!!


Jeans. Enough said. I have been trying to find a pair of jeans I like on me and it is currently impossible. I will continue the search because I would like to have a pair for the upcoming fall weather. Shopping proves to be a rather difficult task lately.

Another annoyance as of lately is my big vein that I mentioned in an earlier post. It has become more painful and swollen and I am definitely ready for it to go away.


I have felt a lot of movement inside lately! Not only can we feel it on the outside, but now we can even see the movements. I often see my belly move throughout the day or during the evening after dinner. I can feel and see Baby Titus moving around in there!!! What an amazing feeling!

Looking forward to?

Sharing the name we have picked out for Baby Titus with our family!! It is a special name and I cannot wait to tell our parents! I love that we can call her by name now. It still feels strange, but each time I say it aloud, I am assured we chose the perfect name for our Baby Girl!!!

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