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And now -- BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but I know it will be amazing!

33 Weeks and Maternity Education!!

October 14, 2013 | 07:21 PM

I have a month and a half to go!!! This is absolutely crazy! I cannot believe how quickly time flies. I am certain that I will miss pregnancy when it is gone.

Now an updated Q&A Session at 33 weeks!!!

Total weight gain/loss:

I have gained a total of 30 pounds, perhaps even more by now. I know that number will grow even larger in the next month!! I feel incredibly large!!

Food cravings:

Mostly just craving carbs, as usual. I am trying to make healthy decisions, though.

Anything making you queasy or sick?

Nope! Baby Titus and I have felt pretty great lately!!

Miss Anything?

I am starting to miss my choice of shoes. My options are limited when it comes to comfortable shoes that I can wear and make it through the school day without incredibly sore feet. I can only wear something flat and supportive. My tennis shoes have definitely felt the best lately!

Best moment this week:

This past weekend, Ben and I had our first maternity education class and our hospital tour! It was such an informative day for us. We learned a lot and feel more prepared for the arrival of Baby Jacyn.

Check out more about our maternity education class at http://turboteacher.me


This is nothing unusual, but I am incredibly emotional lately!! I feel everything from happiness, sadness, nervousness, and anxiousness. I feel happiness when I think about Baby Jacyn arriving soon. I feel sadness when I think about not being pregnant anymore. Yes, as uncomfortable and sore and large and I feel, I do still love being pregnant!!

I feel major anxiousness when I think about the actual labor process and delivery of Baby Jacyn. I feel overwhelmed when I think of all I want to accomplish before she arrives, both at school and at home. I feel nervousness when I think about just how much my life is about to change. I know it will all be incredibly amazing!!!


Thanks to my exhaustion from school, I have absolutely no problem getting a good night sleep. There are many nights I do not even wake up throughout the entire night. If I do need to get up to use the bathroom, I have no trouble falling back to sleep in no time. I do not have a pregnancy pillow yet!!


No room for food!! It seems I cannot eat much before I am full. I am excited to enjoy food again. I usually feel quite uncomfortable after eating dinner. I do consider myself lucky, as I have not experienced any heartburn thus far in my pregnancy.

Jeans are no longer an annoyance because I have finally found a pair that I love. I found them at Target!!

My vein is still swollen and more annoying than ever. But my hands and feet are not too swollen yet and I am still able to wear my wedding ring and even take it on and off. I am thankful for this!


In my class last weekend, the other Mommies said they are uncomfortable because of the jabs they keep feeling from their babies. Jacyn never makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes I get nervous because I do not think she moves as much as it sounds like other babies do. She definitely never jabs enough to hurt me or make me feel uncomfortable. I love her so much!!!

Looking forward to?

More Baby Showers!! A few teacher friends are having a shower for me at school this week! This weekend, Hubby Ben's mom is having a couples "Baby-Q" for us. I am looking forward to both of these events!! Following these, I will have a week off for Fall Break!

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