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34 Weeks and Major Back Pain!!

October 22, 2013 | 07:30 PM

What a fun weekend! We had our final baby shower, which was a couple shower. It was a "Baby-Q" with grilling and beer for the men. Hubby Ben's parents threw the shower on their back patio. We had a fire burning and heaters going. Though it rained early that morning, it turned out to be a nice fall evening, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Things seemed to go a bit downhill from there…

Wow! In the last two days I have experienced back pain as I never have before. I know that back pain is a major part of pregnancy, but I did not realize it would be this excruciating!

I saw my doctor on Monday and she referred me to physical therapy. I am in the process of setting up physical therapy appointments, as well as chiropractor appointments, in order to get to the bottom of this back pain. On Monday afternoon, I had a Mommy-to-be Massage that Hubby Ben scheduled for me quite some time ago (He is the best!!), and though it felt amazing, it did not cure my back pain.

I am on Fall Break this week and I have so many baby / cleaning / organizing tasks in mind that I am hoping to accomplish in my time off. My back pain is definitely slowing the completion of this To-Do List way down. My mom is saving the day (!!), and she is coming up tomorrow to stay for the remainder of the week. She has offered to help me cross some of the tasks off my list that my back will not allow me to complete. What an amazing Mom! I am so lucky!!

I cannot think of any pain I have had that compares to the back pain I am having. I wish I knew what was causing it or how I could help it. I have tried Tylenol, but it does not do much for the pain. Ben has been rubbing me down with BioFreeze, but it does not help, either.

I have got to get this under control before Fall Break is over so that I am able to make it through my last month of school. I cannot believe Baby Jacyn will be here so soon!!

I have tried to avoid the stairs, and even tried to walk much less than normal, as they both make me wince in pain. But I have still accomplished quite a bit of baby and organizing tasks in my last two days of Fall Break. I cannot wait to tackle more! My To-Do List for tomorrow includes making a few calls to our new pediatrician!

I will keep you updated!

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