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36 Weeks and More Pain!!

November 03, 2013 | 05:22 PM

I have truly loved this Baby Journey, and I still do, but it is becoming incredibly difficult physcially, thanks to my constant severe back pain. It seems to be getting worse, rather than better.

I have been visiting a physical therapist twice a week and a chiropractor twice a week, but I am really feeling no relief from either. I see my OB this Thursday and I am planning on bringing a list of pains with me. Many times when I go to my appointments, I leave wishing I would have said more than I did. I hope having this list allows me to say all that I want to say!

Here is what I plan to share with my OB on Thursday:

• severe pain in the lower back on the left side only

• pain and difficulty with walking

• the more I walk, the more the pain increases

• pain moving legs apart, like to get out of the vehicle

• difficulty and pain putting on pants

• difficulty and pain climbing stairs

• severe pain turning over in bed (this is the worst!)

• lower left back pain when I sneeze

• knee pain (only in the last couple of days)

• difficulty getting started walking, especially after sleep

• icing multiple times each day

• stretching and exercises as assigned by therapist

• wearing back support brace each day

• taking elevator at school

Oh goodness! This is a long list of complaints, but I am in such pain that I no longer feel like I am complaining. I just want to get better and for all of this to go away. It has been physically and mentally exhausting. I do not think this is normal pregnancy discomfort. It is painful and I need to fix it!

Has anyone experienced such pain? What did you find out?

Now an updated Q&A Session at 36 weeks!!!

Total weight gain/loss:

I have not been to see my OB for two weeks. It will be almost three weeks by the time I see her on Thursday. This makes me nervous! Anyway, I stay away from my scale at home, so I do not know weight numbers until my appointment on Thursday! Yikes!

Food cravings:

Salads have not been sounding appetizing anymore. Carbs, Carbs, Carbs! Ehh…

Anything making you queasy or sick:


Miss Anything?

I miss walking without pain and without a limp!

Best moment this week:

This question makes me realize how many not-so-good moments I have had this week.


I am very emotional lately!! This time, though, I am not sure that it is all pregnancy emotions, but rather emotions that are caused by my physical pain.

I remember one evening this week, I was trying to roll over on the couch and it caused an enormous amount of pain in my lower back. After my sounds of pain came out, I just started to cry. There was another evening this week, I was trying to get dishes out of the dishwasher and this caused tremendous pain in my lower back. I just broke down right there and sat on the kitchen floor by the dishwasher and cried.


I am using a body pillow now, that Ben and I had here at home. It takes me a while to get in and out of bed, thanks to my back. Getting up to use the bathroom has become a very painful process. After I finally get myself out of bed, there is a lot of pain involved in walking (or limping) to the bathroom.


Remember when I complained about my annoying vein last time? I do not even care about that vein anymore. I do not even notice that vein anymore. It is much bigger now, but it is nothing compared to the pain I have been experiencing in my lower back.


I have not felt as much movement lately as I used to. My OB says that after eating something, I should feel ten movements per every two hours. If I get nervous about the movements, I drink a glass of orange juice, as I have read that this will make Baby Jacyn move!

Looking forward to?

Meeting this precious Baby Girl in about a month!!!! I know she will be amazing!!!

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