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And now -- BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but I know it will be amazing!

37 Weeks and Crazy!!!

November 12, 2013 | 06:55 PM

Three weeks!! I cannot believe it! Actually, two weeks and three days to be exact!! Time is going so incredibly fast and, though I am so excited to meet Baby Jacyn, I wish time would slow down. I know that I will never feel completely ready, but I need just a while longer to attempt to feel it.

At my appointment last week, my doctor put me on restriction from work and activities, with the exception of my physical therapy. She said she would like for me to continue moving around as much as possible to prevent blood clots, but my ten hour school days were too much feet time.

I know that many ladies are uncomfortable at this point in pregnancy, but this was much more than an uncomfortable feeling. I was in severe pain with every single step and every roll in bed. I often held my breath when I walked because I hurt so badly. I felt broken, physically and mentally. I am certain my chiropractor, my physical therapist, and my doctor could see this.

I know that this is truly what is best for my body and for Baby Jacyn. I did not want to go into this amazing labor process feeling broken and in pain. I am glad that my doctors felt the same.

It was all wearing on my Hubby Ben, too, and I know he hated to see me in pain without knowing how to help me. Though I am still limping around and moaning in pain when I sit down, stand up, or roll over in bed, I am still feeling much improvement since I last posted. My pelvis needed this.

When all of this pain began, over my fall break, I began wondering if I would not have to stop teaching sooner than I planned. I spent a lot of time completing my preparations for my maternity leave. There is an incredible amount of work required to leave a classroom in the middle of the school year.

Today, I finished grading my final (huge) pile of papers and that was my last school task. I will enter those into my online grade book and then I will put school behind me for a while and focus on this amazing little life inside of me!!! I cannot wait to meet her!

I had another appointment this afternoon where I found that our Baby Jacyn is measuring just around six pounds (!!!) and she is head down. However, she has not dropped yet and I am not dilated at all. My doctor says it looks like she might be here right around her due date!

I have started packing my bag and am close to being finished. I am also close to finishing my birth plan. I have found a pediatrician who is willing to work with me in all the places I need. I have set up special pictures with a photographer that I am very excited about!!

The only thing making me nervous, other than this entire crazy baby process itself – our house is a major wreck!!! Ben and I had the crazy idea to get new carpet before Baby Jacyn gets here!! Ahh!! What are we thinking?? We were not thinking!!

The carpet guys will be here this Saturday to lay the carpet. The good news is that they are doing all the dirty work – taking up the old carpet, getting rid of it for us, and also moving the furniture. I will feel much better by the time Saturday afternoon is here and we can get our house back to normal.

The time is getting close! I cannot believe it! We are excited, anxious, and nervous!! And, as usual, I have bouts of sadness mixed in also. Mostly, we just cannot wait to meet our precious Baby Girl!!! This has been such an amazing journey!!! This tiny life inside of me has already become my world!!

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