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Autism: Every Day a New Beginning!
Awareness is the key!

I am an accountant and secondary education instructor and course designer but my real passion is Autism Awareness. Ever since my son was diagnosed with Autism, I have tried to make his life the best possible.

My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years and she even beat Thyroid Cancer but we weren’t prepared for the challenges Evan presented. We are both focused completely on him and want everyone to understand him and all those on the spectrum.

Victory over food, great walk and an insurance RANT!

October 03, 2013 | 09:16 PM

Awareness is the key!

Well, let's start with the good part of the week. Evan is killing the food program. He has destroyed bread, muffins and hamburgers. Yesterday I didn't have any bread (I did but it seemed old) so I gave him an English Muffin ripped up and…………. He scarfed it down! No delay, No fighting, No issue--- Amazing!

Another great event was the Answers for Autism Walk. There was probably over 1000 people there supporting awareness. Great activity tent, bounce houses, food, music and information as well as an Autism Store and silent auction. Evan evened played in the sensory boxes. There was also the coolest truck in the world. That is it in the picture and you can find more pictures at the More than Words-Autism Awareness site. Pat Welch took 3 years to complete this masterpiece and if you get a chance to see it make sure you do. They are great advocates for Autism Awareness as well. Awareness can come in many different avenues.

That's enough with the touchy-feely good stuff---- now let's talk insurance issues! Luckily the highly touted Affordable Care Act was made available on October 1. Hmmm=== been trying to get on the website multiple times each day but with minimal results. I think I have a login but not sure. They sent me an email to confirm but when I tried to reply it said the site was, wait for it, BUSY. Later it told me the username was already in use, maybe by me but when I tried to go back to the website it was, again wait for it, BUSY. There are a lot of visitors is the reason. DID THEY NOT THINK THAT WAS GOING TO BE THE CASE! Not surprising since the website ends in .gov and we all know they aren't working now--- I guess eventually it will work but by then I'll probably have to pay a fine for having no insurance in 2014. I really hope that the information hidden inside the site is good, but can't be any worse than my dealings with Evan's beloved insurance carrier who shall remain nameless.

I found out this morning that the carrier has decided that the 40 hours of therapy each week was excessive for a "school age" child. In their infinite wisdom someone sitting at a desk was able to justify over-ruling his Doctors, therapists, and even his Board Certified Behavior Analysts. The decision maker said that "Evan wasn't making progress" so when told of his successes and progress, she then said "then he doesn't need the therapy". Way to sit on the fence and take both sides—Damned if you do and Damned if you don't. Only in insurance land can someone decide the fate of someone else without every even viewing him. Forty hours was excessive so she decreed that 15 was a good number. I think she just spun the magic number wheel. When pressed she doubled it to 30 for a couple of months. Not sure what the rationale is for that one but we are obviously starting the appeal process. Really looking forward to a lengthy time consuming frustrating exasperating drawn out delayed process! Who knows what the end result will be but it probably won't be good. I'm really not sure how someone, anyone, can make this decision that will definitely impact a defenseless 7 year old blond boy!

If age was the only determinant of being "school age" that would be fine but I am really concerned in how a completely non-verbal child is going to adjust and prosper in a classroom environment. As with most individuals with autism, there are social issues as well but he is "school age". I am rather pessimistic but will do what I have to do, for the betterment of my son. Nothing else will matter and I will fight for his right to whatever can make his life better. Maybe this will be great, maybe this will be disastrous but we are embarking on a new very scary journey with Evan's future in the mix. Pray for us please.

Awareness is the key!

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