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Introducing Happy Tummies – Simple Nutrition They’ll Love!
I am new to Indianapolis and a stay at home mom to a toddler-aged daughter. Nutrition has always been something I have been passionate about. After the birth of my daughter, and due to my husband having chronic food allergies, I became even more interested in learning how to cook for her from the moment she started solids. In a society that pushes (and hides) sugar and is full of so many food allergies, I find it a personal goal to educate myself as much as I can to provide my family with foods that benefit their health and well being - all while having fun in the kitchen! I hope you enjoy this blog and are inspired to cook more at home.
Introducing Happy Tummies – Simple Nutrition They'll Love!

Introducing Happy Tummies – Simple Nutrition They’ll Love!

February 21, 2014 | 08:10 AM

In 2011, after working in corporate America for 18 years, I lost my job and found myself in a role I had never dreamed of: a stay at home mom. As our daughter grew, I thought of how important it was for me to provide her with the best nutrition we could afford. I read books, looked at numerous sites and geared myself with some kitchen basics. I started making all of her food and even went so far as to get certified in nutrition so that I could best understand the balance of what her (and our) meals should include. My husband suffers from "chronic" food allergies, so I was also very determined to do everything I could to educate myself on how to best prevent her from having those same allergies (knowing that it could still happen).

As the months passed, I found myself really enjoying making all of her food, and especially loving teaching and sharing recipes with other moms for their kids (of all ages). I felt "knowledge is power" and taught myself, through many trials and errors, how to be successful in an area that I never thought possible. I had always been an average cooker, not daring to be too risky for fear of failing. It took a couple of friends encouraging me, so I wanted to do the same for others. I started to blog recipes, and cooking became my new found hobby. It wasn't just for our daughter, but for my husband too, so that he could enjoy new foods (prior to getting married, my husband was a Little Ceasar's and pasta conosouier).

Over time I have found that cooking for and with children brings me so much joy. Our daughter loves to cook, measure, pour and stir and I have learned a new found patience in making a huge (huge) mess with her and seeing her face when she gets to try something she was part of making. I do feel that involving kids helps them want to try new things and not be as picky. I think every child goes through a picky stage here and there, but overall I do feel by involving them in the cooking and making decisions encourages them to try new things. I have also found that telling her what each food does (for example: protein makes you strong, carbs give you energy, etc) makes her eyes sparkle with wonder and then she goes and repeats it to everyone. Hopefully this will remain endearing and not become annoying!

My hope for this blogging experience is to encourage other moms/families in the kitchen, provide ideas for meals and snacks, meal planning and provide alternative recipes for those with food allergies. I hope to inspire others, whether working in an office or out of the home, to try and try again so that cooking doesn't feel like a burden, but something you can enjoy with your kids, families and friends for generations to come.

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