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I’m Alissa Wilbur! Author and Parenting/Lifestyle Blogger at www.batblifestyle.com ~ I'm a mother, writer, crafter, designer and lover to a rocket scientist. I enjoy eating donuts, fashion, photography, kindness, espresso, reading happy books, making forts with my toddler on the living room floor, going on adventures and dancing around the kitchen.
Summer Fun: Strawberry Patch!

Summer Fun: Strawberry Patch!

June 20, 2014

We recently took a trip to Noblesville, to the Strawberry Patch for the first time this season and we had SO much fun! Harper is a strawberry eating machine so this was a dream come true to this tiny lady. We've been strawberry picking once before but she was only about a year old then! This visit was so special! Harper couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the many rows of strawberries. We went out early in the morning before the sun got too hot and to beat the crowds! Strawberry picking is serious business here in Indiana. I'm not joking! The rows were empty of pickers for as far as we could see and our personal picking sections led us to strawberry heaven! Do you know what it's like? Strawberry Heaven? HARPER WILL TELL YOU!!!!

Harper knows what a strawberry is supposed to look like, as she's the Strawberry Queen in our home! The color, size, shape ... you name it! She had so much fun digging and searching for the perfect ones to add to our box! She even had to test a few out before throwing them into our collection, you know, JUST IN CASE! Michael and I agree that this was Harper's favorite part about our morning at the farm. In less than an hour we already had a few pounds with our name on it! Our two rows looked bare as we drove away and Harper shouted, "See ya later, Strawberries! I just love youuuuuu!" We made a list of things we could make with our delicious load that morning (pie, jam, more pie...) but they were gone right after dinner time! We can't wait to go back! AND make pie!

What activities do you enjoy doing with your family in the summertime?

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