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Advertising Opportunities

So you're looking to advertise with us? GREAT! We have a couple of options here...

1. Display ad details, please! You can fill out our MEDIA KIT REQUEST FORM. This form will just ask you a few questions about what your budget is, your contact info, etc. Once you click submit, our Publisher and President of Sales, Mary Wynne Cox, will e-mail you or call you back to find out what you're looking to do and either schedule a meeting or do everything by e-mail or phone.

2. Forget the form! If you'd just like to skip the form and contact her directly, you can either e-mail her at mary@indyschild.com or call her on her cell phone at 317-710-6622.

3. Directory, Guide and Classified details, please! We also have a number of directories and guides throughout the magazine, as well as classifieds. Both serve as a monthly resource and are also included on our Web site. If you'd like to find out which ones are available, just visit our ADVERTISING FORMS PAGE.

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