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Indy's Child Magazine Writers' Guidelines
Indy's Child is always looking for talented, experienced freelance writers to enhance our magazine. Our general goal is to have a good mix of fun and substantive local stories of interest to local parents. If you think you can help us do that, then read on.

Story Pitches
We welcome queries and submissions, especially from local freelancers. These pitches should be emailed to Susan Bryant at susan@indyschild.com. Here are a few factors to consider before sending your pitch.

  • Make it local. We're looking for stories and sources that reflect the communities we cover.

  • Pitch early. Please be mindful that content for Indy's Child is determined months in advance. Therefore, story ideas should be pitched a good two to three months before the month it would run. This is particularly important for seasonally-anchored stories.

  • We may not respond. Because of the high volume of submissions and queries we receive, it is not always feasible to respond to each pitch. If you do not hear from us within a month of your submission, it is safe to assume that we have decided to pass.
    Story Requirements
    In general, we expect freelancers to use good journalism and solid writing in their Indy's Child articles. Here are some specific requirements we ask of our freelancers:

  • Multiple sources. A minimum of two sources. A 1,000-word story should have no fewer than three sources; a 2,000-word story should have no fewer than four sources.

  • Diverse sources. Indy's Child magazine has a broad circulation throughout Indianapolis, so it's important to us that our sources reflect our readership. Freelancers don't have to hit every city we cover, but they should have sources from more than one. And the more cities covered, the better.

  • Sidebars. Any story 1,000 words or more should have at least one sidebar. Sometimes it's an info box referring readers to more information from a local organization. Sometimes it's a list of tips related to the story's subject. Readers like having information broken up for them and they enjoy multiple points of entry into a story, so we value freelancers who are mindful of that.

  • Features 600-800 words: $60-100
  • IC Columns: $60-75

    Payment is upon publication. Checks are usually sent out within the first week of the month of publication.

    Freelancers should submit an invoice (within an email is fine) that includes name, address, phone number, Social Security Number, name of story and payment amount. Please email invoice within a week of submitting story.

    Please send invoices to Roxanne Burns at Roxanne@indyschild.com

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