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March 01, 2015

Affordable Camp

How to send your kids to camp on any budget

February 01, 2015

Camp – the Quintessential Childhood Experience

Childhood is a time of profound change and development. It is exciting and cause for trepidation at the same time....more»
June 01, 2014

A Field Guide to Preserving Childhood

How the camp experience supports a child's connection to nature

It is commonly said that it takes an entire village to raise strong, healthy children. Yes, it takes a village of people to raise a child, but it also takes the village itself....more»
May 01, 2014

Working Through Homesickness at Camp

Being away from home builds self-esteem and independence

One of the many joys of parenthood is helping children navigate new waters. And, while often these situations are met with hesitation, slight anxiety – or in the case of some first-time campers, homesickness – it is these moments that develop the twenty-first century skills needed in adulthood....more»
April 01, 2014

With So Many Opportunities, Why Camp?

The many benefits of a camp experience

Families today have more options than ever before – a buffet of movies, museums, picnics, parks, classes, vacations and so much more....more»
March 01, 2014

Choose Your Own Summer Adventure

What to consider when selecting the right camp experience

Don't let the summer be wasted! Here is what awaits your child: experiential learning opportunities, caring adult role models, time spent in nature and being active, new friendships and fun....more»
February 01, 2014

Serious Learning . . . through Play!

Unstructured, outdoor activity is essential to children's development

For me, the cornerstone of childhood is play. The ability to play follows us throughout our life. Stuart Brown, author of Play: How It Shapes the Brain, writes, "There is a great deal of evidence that the road to mastery of any subject is guided by play....more»
February 01, 2014

Camps Attending Camp Fair

Camp fair is less then 3 weeks away! Check out all the great camps we have signed up already!...more»
July 01, 2013

Camp for Today's World

Camps stay on the cutting edge

What's something that is over 150 years old and kids think is just as "cool" as ever? The camp experience! Year after year, camps evaluate their programming and adjust their activities, focus and other offerings to meet the ever-evolving needs of today's families....more»
June 01, 2013

Get the Most Out of Camp!

Before and after camp strategies

Your child's summer camp experience will be one he or she remembers forever – and one that will help to develop the social, emotional and cognitive skills for success in school and beyond. To get the most out of your child's experience this summer at camp, send them off with the right attitude and confidence; and when they come home, reinforce those newfound skills and positive outlooks. Here are a few tips for maximizing the benefits of camp....more»
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