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April 01, 2014

Death by a Thousand Kid Songs

True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

It's naptime. Scratch that, it's supposed to be naptime. Instead of sleeping my two-year-old daughter is working on her own version of "What Does the Fox Say?" As she's up there reciting the chorus over and over and over again I'm reminded of all the bad music my children have listened to over the years....more»
April 01, 2014

Four Great Family Road Trip Destinations

So much to explore just a few hours from Indy

Those living in the Indianapolis area are fortunate to have tons of great destinations within easy driving distance....more»
April 01, 2014

Managing Difficult Diets

Tips for handling a child's restrictive dietary requirements

Planning meals the entire family will happily eat is a challenge. If your child is diagnosed with a diet-altering health condition, the task can seem overwhelming. "Focus on the positive, such as foods your child can eat, versus what she cannot," says Jennifer Cleveland, MMSc, RD, CDE, pediatric dietician with Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health....more»
April 01, 2014

Raising Eco-Friendly Kids

Simple ideas to encourage "being green" in your home

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - The Lorax Many parents first heard the environmental message of Dr....more»
April 01, 2014

Kids and Sex Ed

Pushing past "awkward" to convey what kids need to know

If you are like many adults, your first introduction to the topic of sex came from a book handed to you from an embarrassed parent or an awkward one-time conversation on the subject from mom or dad....more»
March 01, 2014

The Family Dinner Table

Finding time for this important place to connect

By now, most parents have heard the importance of eating meals together. Research suggests that children whose families regularly sit down for meals have greater academic achievement, better eating habits, higher self-esteem and even less drug use....more»
March 01, 2014

Kids and Cyber Safety

Online security concerns for children

Ever asked your kid to help you download an app on your smartphone or set up a Twitter account? It seems like children are born computer experts, but there is still a great deal they don't often know – like how to protect themselves from cyber criminals....more»
March 01, 2014

The Effects of Texts

How frequent messaging impacts kids

Do you feel like your child never puts her phone down? A research study published by Common Sense Media in summer 2012 found texting to be the most common form of digital communication among teenagers ages 13 to 17....more»
March 01, 2014

Toddler Penitentiary

True Confessions of a Stay at Home Dad

Great news! My daughter was recently released from solitary confinement to a general population cell. Perhaps I should explain....more»
March 01, 2014

Tweets, Hashtags, Likes and Selfies

Navigating the landscape of social media

Instagram, Twitter, Ask.fm, SnapChat, Vine… so appealing to kids and so worrisome for parents. How do families decide what they will and won't allow their children to use? For Kim Leonard, Indianapolis mother of three, it's a full-time job – one she takes very seriously....more»
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