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March 01, 2014

Honored Heroes of the Indiana Chapter of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Amanda Fagan

Each year since 2009, the Indiana Chapter of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society hosts the Man and Woman of the Year campaign....more»
September 01, 2012

Majority of Parents Admit to Spending Their Way into Debt for School Supplies

As thousands of kids across the country return to school for the beginning of the fall school term, one of the leading coupon code websites in the US has conducted a nationwide survey to discover how much money parents are willing to spend for the new school year and whether or not they feel pressured to kit their children out in the hottest fashions and the latest tech gear....more»
July 01, 2012

Why Toddler's Minds Need Stimulation

Toddlers are always on the go and in search of new things to do and learn. It is important to engage children in this age group in learning activities that will stimulate the mind and enhance learning potential....more»
July 01, 2012

Simple Switches to Spruce Up Any Home

Want to give your home a fresh look, but don't have the time or energy for a complete makeover? Ditch the daunting DIY projects. Think small projects to make a big impact according, to design bloggers from VeccoStudio.com, an online resource for simple, customizable DIY design projects....more»
July 01, 2012

How to Save on Family Vacations

Families are always looking for ways to enjoy vacation time together that maximizes fun, while minimizing the budget....more»
July 01, 2012

Five Wholesome Snacks for Families On-the-Go

A busy family schedule means there's less time to gather around the dinner table each night, let alone ensure everyone in the family is getting the nutrients they need to live healthy. And what convenience foods offer in terms of portability, they often lack in vitamins and nutrients....more»
July 01, 2012

Wildlife Takes the Gold for True Olympic Feats

Olympic fever has taken hold of the world. We're all cheering for our favorite athletes. While human Olympians have amazing physical abilities, for wild animals strength, speed, agility and endurance mean more than just medals, they are a matter of survival. Here are some animal Olympians with gold medal-worthy abilities....more»
July 01, 2012

School Lunches Get a Makeover

As schools are hard at work revamping lunch menus in line with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) new school lunch guidelines, chocolate milk has already undergone a makeover that schools, parents and kids can all feel good about....more»
July 01, 2012

Improve Your Child's Vocabulary

While a fondness for reading can come naturally, for some children, it can be difficult to get started, especially with competition from various electronics and toys. But you can encourage a love of reading and help expand your child's vocabulary as they grow using these simple tips....more»
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