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October 01, 2014

Fall Fun!

From apples and pumpkins to ghosts and ghouls, this season has it all!

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." –L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables In Indiana, October lays itself down like a well-loved quilt, bringing friends and family closer together as the leaves and temperature drop....more»
October 01, 2014

Stepping into Step-Parenting

Suggestions for navigating this new territory

The step-parent/step-child relationship can be a delicate one. If you're new to this role, it can seem like every day brings unexpected challenges....more»
October 01, 2014

Breast Test Breakdown

A guide to breast cancer screening and early detection

As a woman, it's tough not to get nervous at the thought of someday receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Fortunately, those who face this disease often survive and thrive, particularly when the cancer is caught early....more»
September 01, 2014

Tackling Childhood Obesity

Reframing the way we look at weight loss

What's the number one health concern of parents in the U.S? Childhood obesity, according to the American Heart Association....more»
September 01, 2014

Manners...yes, please!

Etiquette strategies for kids in today's world

Warning: The characters depicted here are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is not coincidental....more»
August 01, 2014

Perfectionist Kids  

When only an A+ will do Steffy McCourt It seems like a problem that really isn't one – a child who is obsessed with achieving top grades in school....more»
August 01, 2014

Prepping for Preschool

Getting ready for that big first day! Megan Noel As a former preschool teacher myself, the first day of school was always full of emotion – excitement, apprehension and maybe even a few tears....more»
August 01, 2014

Making a Move

Adjusting to a new home, new school and new friends By Sarah Bricker-Hunt Moving is difficult – it takes real strength to pack one's life into boxes and endure the exhausting process of hauling it through town, in the next state or across the country....more»
July 01, 2014

Research to Real World

The Science of Touch

During the first year of life infants use their senses to focus attention and learn what is meaningful in their environment....more»
July 01, 2014


Ten places to travel before your little one arrives

A baby changes everything, including vacations! Like a honeymoon, why not take a "babymoon" before the big day? Whether you're eagerly anticipating your due date or waiting for an adoptive or foster placement, make the most of those last months before parenthood with a trip to one of these fun-filled destinations....more»
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