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Regardless of Special Needs, Camp is for Every Child

Finding the Right Camp is Easier Than You Think

As a parent, I constantly ask where do children have their mental, personal, emotional, and physical needs nurtured? Where will they learn to get along with others, to take safe risks, to deal with conflict in a constructive way that encourages them to be creative, to explore and discover, to learn by actively doing, to try—to fail and try again? In the camp community, I find what I intuitively know as a parent—to be a positive, productive adult one needs the opportunity to truly experience childhood —that is how one grows....more»

Family Fitness You Can Afford

Fitness Together Creates Bonds...and Saves Money

Finding that you've grown a regular crop of couch potatoes over the winter? Wondering why it's so hard to motivate your family to get out of the house? Looking for a solution to a little extra flab yourself? It might be time to get fit. ...more»

My Child Has Autism—Now What?

Finding the Support and Resources for Your Child and Family

When you have met one child with autism, you have met one child with autism. The next one will be different....more»

Autism Support 101

Tips I Wish I Had When My Child Was Diagnosed with Autism

Indiana ranks 7th in the US as having the highest incidences of autism in our local schools, with over 11,000 children with a diagnosis of autism and over 70,000 with a communication disorder or delay. Forty percent of children who receive an autism diagnosis are non-verbal (cannot speak), while another 41 percent have an intellectual disability. Does anyone know why? The honest answer—no one knows....more»

Spring Has Sprung!

Indy is Blooming with Family Fun This Spring

GET OUT AND GO! It's finally spring and if you're itching to get out and about to enjoy spring, gather the family and step outside for one or many of these outdoor Indiana activities....more»

Why Charter Schools?

Ten Years Later: An Inside Look at the Thriving World of Charter Schools

The opening of charter schools in Greater Indianapolis began almost ten years ago. This was in conjunction with policies within the department of education created to improve educational opportunities for urban families...more»

College 301

What to Expect with the Move to College

Moving to college is often a tough process for parents and children. While this transition involves many people, it should always emphasize the child's development and decision-making skills, and thus should not include parents attending advising sessions, choosing a major, selecting courses or applying for an on-campus job, as several student service administrators have witnessed. ...more»
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