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Mission Possible: Captivating Students

Local Private Schools' Unique Programs Create Lifelong Learners

From the moment one decides to have children, the questions begin. How should they be raised, disciplined and educated? Options abound in the Indianapolis area for quality education, but when the time arrives to send your young ones off to school, should you go with a public or private education? According to a 2009 GreatSchools....more»

Cooking Up a Recipe for Healthy Living

How to Make Healthy Eating and Exercise a Part of Your Everyday Routine

Get Up! Get Active! Get Fit! Hey, you! Yes, you with the bag of chips and cell phone to your ear....more»

Second Weddings

Honoring the Blended Family

You've found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. You or that special someone have already started the adventure of parenting and therefore are merging more lives than your own as you plan to get married....more»

Fantastic Field Trips

Educational Adventures that Bring on the Fun!

What are your favorite memories as a child? Do some of them include family vacations, school field trips, summer camp and special events at the theatre, museum or national park? As our lives fill with routine tasks, professional trips and a few weeks for family vacation, families depend on the creativity of schools and caretakers to ensure children get the same experiences we had....more»

Gauging an IEPs Effectiveness

Individualized Education Programs — Making the Most of a Living Document

Meet with IEP team in spring. Check. Sign off on agreed-upon IEP. Check. Enjoy summer, go back to school, see that IEP is in effect....more»

Expert Tips on Creating Good IEPs for Kids with Autism

Embracing the "Individual" Focus of Individual Education Plans

What makes an IEP successful for kids with autism and other special needs? By all accounts, measurable goals and a collaborative IEP team environment are two giant steps in the right direction....more»

Food Fantasies

Myths that Flunk the Nutrition Test

The world is full of food fantasies with many masquerading as good advice. All too often people looking for quick fixes want to believe these magical promises....more»
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