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Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Clean

Ridding your house of the dust, dirt and allergens that accumulate throughout the cold months is important when prepping for the warm weather season. Use these tips to deep clean your home......more»

Ten Top Vacation Ideas for Families with Special Needs Kids

March is here and so is spring fever. Time to break from the winter doldrums with a fun vacation. Word on the street says the following destinations are tops for families with kids who have special needs....more»

Springtime is Upon Us

Embrace the season and all it has to offer

Spring is in the air! I love this time of year when the stores and advertisements introduce spring with lots of color, flowers and happy vibes....more»

Community Spotlight

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Children's Choir on a Spectacular Performance at Super Bowl XLVI! Do you know who those 45 kids were who took the stage to sing the national anthem with Kelly Clarkson at Super Bowl XLVI? They were members of the Indianapolis Children's Choir's two most advanced choirs, representing the 119 singers who couldn't be there....more»

Dear Teacher

Finding Tutoring Help + Increasing Class Participation

Newspaper in Education Week Parents: The first week in March is always Newspapers in Education Week. Many schools will teach lessons using the newspaper this week and also throughout the year....more»

Spring Break Staycations in Indy

Plan a local getaway

Forget the overplanned, overpriced and overly stressful traditional vacations and enjoy a staycation this spring break....more»

The Benefits of Early Education

Local parents reveal their children's preschool experiences

Better reading and social skills, richer vocabularies and stronger math comprehension are just some of the perks of attending preschool as opposed to a child that has not....more»

A Look Into Charter & Online Schooling

Fighting the rumors and defending the benefits

Parents (and students) are often unaware of the alternative schooling benefits. Due to their sometimes-negative rumored reputation, families shy away from what that state considers a public school....more»

Making Housework a Family Affair

Tips for getting your kids to help out around the house

Parents, trust me here, society will not be pleased with you if you set your kid loose at age 18 with zero life skills (like how to do laundry without turning it all pink)....more»

The Perfect Match

Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family

It's inevitable: you take Charlie to the park one morning, and he makes a beeline for the lady walking her lab, screaming, "Mommy, I want a dog!" Or perhaps you return home one day to find the neighborhood stray cat on your doorstep, and little Molly looks up at you, "Daddy, can we keep her?" Or, one weekend George brings home the class guinea pig, and on Monday there's a meltdown as you try to explain that Wilbur the Guinea Pig must return to school....more»

Dealing with a Bad Report Card

Is it time for a tutor?

When a child brings home a bad report card, a parent's initial reaction might be to get angry, followed by threats of taking away a favorite toy or activity, and rounding up with flat-out bribery....more»

Traveling with Special Needs Kids

How to plan a safe and sound vacation

A lot goes into planning a family vacation. There's picking the destination, making travel plans, finding good lodging, packing, not to mention going and doing....more»

Got Respite?

Caregivers of Kids with Autism Must Make Time for Themselves

Respite is the fuel caregivers need to have the energy, compassion, and wits to care for a child with autism. As Kristen McCurdy puts it, respite refreshes her so she can embrace her son to the fullest degree....more»

An Unexpected Health Journey

Paige's story

An unexpected health journey Tina Anderson was bending down to kiss her six-year-old daughter, Paige, when she noticed her head was turned awkwardly and her eyes were rolling back in her head....more»

Connecting in a Digital World

Finding balance among the chaos

I used to spend a lot of time with my grandmother when I was a little girl. As a matter of fact, I adored her so much that as a young adult, I spent a lot of time with her then too....more»

The Camp Around the Corner: Day Camp

Camp is an expanded learning environment that provides a hands-on experiential education like no other. For families who feel a sleep-away camp is not the right fit, but still want their child to experience all that camp has to offer, the answer may be right around the corner at a day camp....more»

Test Your Family's Skills with an Adventure Vehicle Challenge

At-home activity provided by The Children's Museum

At The Children's Museum we are gearing up for the opening of LEGO® Travel Adventure! In this temporary exhibit, visitors will be asked "Where do you want to go?" and "How will you get there?" Using LEGO bricks, children and their families will build vehicles to challenge their imagination and creativity to go to some fantastic destinations! In the Family Programs department we create programs for the entire family that tie into our museum exhibits....more»

How to Give a Perfect Apology

From the author of "Fight Less, Love More"

Have you ever heard the words, "I'm sorry," and instantly thought, "Oh no you're not." You knew the apology sounded insincere from the moment your spouse opened his or her mouth....more»

Diabetes and Your Child

Understanding Prediabetes

Prediabetes is a serious medical condition that can be treated. It's defined as the "gray area" between normal blood sugar levels and those considered diabetic....more»

A Battle for the Heart

William's story

With a cough and some difficulty nursing, five-week-old William Garcia just seemed to have a minor cold. "When I took him to the doctor, I thought he had a cold or virus," his mother, Cindy, recalled....more»

Top 10 Therapies for Kids with Autism

There is no one medical path for kids diagnosed with autism. Discerning which treatment is best adds a great deal of stress to families trying to cope with the diagnosis....more»
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