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Behavior Analysis Center for Autism

Dr. Robert and Suzanne Aaron's son Thomas was diagnosed with autism and severe receptive and expressive language disorders in the fall of 2005. They were uncertain of his ability to learn and naturally were quite concerned for his future....more»

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Clean

Ridding your house of the dust, dirt and allergens that accumulate throughout the cold months is important when prepping for the warm weather season. Use these tips to deep clean your home......more»

Bringing Home the Gold

Indy's Child Wins Top Awards

Something super recently happened to Indy's Child at the Parenting Media Association's annual conference in San Antonio, Texas....more»

Camps: Making an Informed Decision

Determining the right match

Today's families are faced with many decisions that need to be made on a daily basis. What do we eat for dinner? Where do we send the children to school? Cat or dog? Knowledge is power, and camp is no exception....more»

Community Spotlight

April 2012

Central Indiana Race for the Cure The 21st Central Indiana Race for the Cure is Saturday, April 21 at Military Park in downtown Indianapolis....more»

Summer Camp for Your Kids: Yes or No?

Local parents weigh in

Though it's only April, plenty of parents are already thinking of summertime, and deciding whether or not to send their child/children to camp....more»

Just Your Average Teenager, Who Happens to be Bald

Olivia Rusk encourages acceptance and promotes anti-bullying

Olivia Rusk is just an average teenager who just happens to be bald. Her message of motivation and encouragement has flooded the hearts of many....more»

Being the Change

In Support of Autism Awareness Month

Mahatma Gandhi is credited with saying, "We must be the change we want to see in the world." I know a young entrepreneur who sells T-shirts with this quote on it....more»

The First Job

Encouraging your teen to find summer work

It's barely spring, but your teen's likely already looking ahead to summer vacation. With the summer comes a break from school – but not necessarily a break from work....more»

Dealing with Teen Drama

A parent's role

Talk to anybody who is around teenagers on a daily basis, and they'll likely tell you how teenage dramatic behavior is a part of everyday life....more»

Teen Dating

How young is too young?

Many of us can relate to Deanna, mom of three girls (one a teen), when she said, "Dating? Not my babies!" Many parents take the issue of teen dating on a case-by-case basis because every kid is different....more»

Acid Reflux in Children

Knowing the signs

Acid reflux in children Acid reflux isn't just an adult disease. Many children – including infants – can suffer from heartburn and acid reflux....more»

Special Needs City Guide:

A Glimpse at Area Support

Indianapolis does a lot of things well. Pork tenderloin. Super Bowl. Summertime. This city - and surrounding communities - also do well at supporting families with special needs....more»

10 Apps for Autism

The iPad and other smart technologies are helping some kids with autism break barriers. Countless apps exist -- good, bad and ugly ones....more»

iDevices for Autism

Sparking an interest in the community

Chalk it up to another win for the i-device. These pervasive gadgets are peaking interest in the autism community....more»

Hoosier Getaways

Family day trips around Indiana

There are many resources that lie hidden within this great Hoosier state filled with a variety of excitement, enjoyment and family fun. With spring almost here and summer following close behind, now is the best time to create a discovery map for a day trip to some of Indiana's most exciting points of interest....more»

Parenting Goes Green

22 Ways to Go Green by April 22

Parents want what's best for their kids. It's natural. One way to help ensure a bright future for the budding generation is to live a greener life now....more»

Be a Vehicle of Hope for Others

Reflecting on the hope you can offer

Just a few months ago I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Super Baskets of Hope event during the week leading up to the Super Bowl....more»

Inspiring the Next Generation of Hoosier Entrepreneurs…

One Lemonade Stand at a Time

"Clayton has really been impacted by his involvement in Lemonade Day" is how the email began from the mother of one of our participants....more»

Spring into Love!

From the author of "Fight Less, Love More"

Before you had children, you probably looked forward to Spring as a blossoming time for fun and frolic. You enjoyed a rebirth of dating, dinners, happy hours and plenty of outdoor activities to put you under the sun every weekend....more»

Dear Teacher

Kindergarten Starting Age + Transferring Schools + Transitional First Grade

Parents should send questions and comments to dearteacher@dearteacher.com or ask them on the columnists' Web site at www....more»

Make a Newspaper Seed Pot!

At-home activity provided by The Children's Museum

Children are never too young to get excited about helping Mother Earth. They love to learn about plants and even about growing their own plants....more»

Understanding Abdominal Pain

Knowing the signs and symptoms

As a parent, you know stomachaches can be a common complaint in children. Most abdominal pain is referred to as "functional" pain....more»

A Beautiful Voice

16-year-old Julia Kahn takes center stage

Since she was a little girl, Julia Kahn has been entertaining her family and friends with her singing. Now at age 16, she has already recorded a CD, and is continuing to amaze people with her beautiful voice....more»
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