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Eating Disorders in Young Children

Prevalence, risk factors, and treatment of eating disorders in children

As our country faces a national obesity epidemic, attention may neglect a growing group of children and adolescents who do not get enough to eat....more»

The Evolution of Childbirth Education

How women today prepare for childbirth

Back in the 1980s, childbirth education focused primarily on the methods of natural childbirth—how to breathe, relax and minimize pain—almost in a one-size-fits-all manner....more»

How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

What to eat, what not to eat, and what expect while pregnant

Every mom wants her baby to have the best start possible in life. It's no surprise, then, that many moms worry about getting just the right nutrition for their baby to grow healthy and happy....more»

Sports-Related Concussions

Prevention and Treatment

If your child participates in high school sports, there is a new state law that requires both of you to read, sign and return to school an information sheet acknowledging the risks of concussions and head injuries. The new law, to be fully implemented by July 1, also states that if your child suffers a concussion or head injury during a practice or game, he or she must be removed and will not be able to return without written clearance from a healthcare professional....more»

Community Spotlight

Nursing Moms Nest Your family decides to go to the Indianapolis Zoo for the day. You pack up all the gear you'll need for a fun-filled family adventure....more»

New Early Childhood Learning Experiences Coming to The Children's Museum

The closing of Playscape and the opening of a new gallery!

This summer, changes will come to The Children's Museum as the preschool-based exhibit Playscape closes in order to let museum staff prepare for a new early childhood learning gallery coming next year! Playscape has been serving children ages 0-5 for more than 30 years and has become a beloved space within The Children's Museum....more»

Birthday Parties and Autism

How to throw a birthday party for a child with autism

Birthday parties for children on the autism spectrum may be harder to plan, but they are worth the effort. Parents know their child the best, so when planning a party they should keep in mind what their child can and can't handle....more»

Helping Siblings of Special Needs Children

Children with special needs aren't the only ones with needs

Parents of special needs children spend a lot of time focused on the child with special needs rather than equally on all of their children. So what can they do to help the siblings of the child? From spending time with the sibling, finding support groups where the sibling can connect with other children in similar situations, and giving them resources like books to help them understand their unique family, parents have a variety of tools to help all of their children....more»

Sleep Training 101: A Primer for Parents

How to train your baby to sleep

Everyone warns of the sleep deprivation that comes with parenthood, but it's a phenomenon that cannot be fully understood until it's been experienced....more»

My Two Year Old is Trying to Kill Me

True Confessions of Stay-at-Home Dad Pete Gilbert

At home, he spills his sippy-cup on the floor. I then walk into the room, unknowingly stumbling into a puddle of 2%....more»

Find Your Groove with Zoo's Concert Series

Zoolapalooza, Animals and All That Jazz Will Keep You Dancing All Summer Long

After hours, the Indianapolis Zoo has a truly magical ambiance with lighter crowds, a private feel to popular exhibits, cooler temperatures and the sounds of live music — and good vibes — throughout the grounds....more»

Summer Family Traditions

Creating special memories for you and your family this summer

The backpacks are cleaned out, keepsake papers are neatly (or maybe not) put away and summer is finally here! It is time to embrace a different pace and rejoice in no homework or projects! Time for flip flops, sprinkler parks and ice cream cones! As a kid, summer days seemed endless – filled with hours of running through the sprinkler and riding my bike until dusk....more»

Summer Fun Without the Sun

Fun ways to beat the heat this summer

Summer is in full swing and while this is the perfect time to get out and enjoy all of the green spaces Indiana has to offer, there will be times when you find yourself needing a break from the sun....more»

Baby Gear on a Budget

What gadgets you really need for your baby and which ones you don't

Walk into any baby gear aisle—especially baby superstores—and prepare to be overwhelmed by the thousands of items vying for your dollars....more»

Double Up On Birthday Fun

Pair parties for more fun and less work

For a double-scoop of fun at your child's next birthday, why not host a dual party? Combined parties for siblings, cousins, or friends with close birthdays are a growing trend, says Marnie Ann Pacino, author and illustrator of Cool Party, Mom! The Other Three Words Every Mother Loves to Hear....more»

Back to School Preparation for All Ages

What to do to help prepare your child for the start of the new school year


Father's Day Fun in Indy

Ideas for spending time with Dad on his special day

Not many people know the name, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd. After reading this article, many may thank her. At age 27, Dodd sat in church listening to a sermon that celebrated mothers....more»

Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

And out of the E.R.!

It seems summer and fun have always gone hand-in-hand. Free from school for a couple of months, kids can't wait to get out there and do all kinds of stuff....more»

Healthy Competition

Why Being Competitive Isn't Bad for Your Child

Geoff Cole knows a thing or two about competition. His son, Taylor, 18, plays Varsity football; his oldest daughter Lindsey, 16, is on a cheerleading squad; and his younger daughter Meghan, 13, plays both lacrosse and select softball....more»

Get Active in Adaptive Sports

You never know what a child can achieve until they try. That's what Laura Knauff, Carmel mom of two, has to say about adaptive sports....more»

A Look at ADHD

Again you remind your son to put on his shoes and get in the car. Your daughter takes twice as long as her friends to complete assignments....more»

More to do at the Zoo

Whether it's putting a fresh spin on your favorite tunes or unveiling a brand new exhibit, the Indianapolis Zoo has some special events planned to pique everyone's interest....more»

No Place Like Home

Does it get any better than this? This lifelong theatre geek's dream is coming true – a chance to literally float onto stage in the show I have been obsessed with since I was in diapers....more»

Tips for Giving Allowance

Finding the method that is right for your family

The word "allowance" might conjure up images of trust-fund kids and seems to hint at getting paid to do nothing....more»

Tighty Whities and Other Gift Ideas for Dad

Since my first column is for the June issue, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about Father's Day, more specifically, choosing a gift for dad on his special day....more»

Downtown Indianapolis is Bustling with Summer Fun

Ideas for keeping the kids fit while having fun this summer

Get kids off the couch and outside this summer with Downtown's fun and active options in the heart of the City....more»

Are You a Love Optimist?

Research shows that couples who blissfully stay together for a lifetime have an uncanny ability to downplay the negative and highlight the positive in their mate and their relationship....more»
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