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Reach Out and Read

Mission: Prepares America's youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together....more»

Community Spotlight

6th Annual Oktoberfest On Saturday, October 13th, dust off your lederhosen and head to Traders Point Creamery! Come celebrate in the German tradition with authentic German fare and toe-tapping music from PolkaBoy, a rollicking 13-piece polka band....more»

I Survived.

The inspiring stories of two local mothers who beat breast cancer

In October of 2011, Maria Vasey found out that she had stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma. She was only 48 years old, physically fit, and had received mammograms – all healthy – since she was 35....more»

Fuel for Toddlers on the Go

Healthy snacks for your growing child

Nutritious meals and snacks should be parts of everyone's balanced diet. However, ensuring toddlers receive adequate nutrition can require strategy....more»

Successfully Separating

Talking to your kids about divorce

Divorce is a very real – and, unfortunately, common – part of life, but remains one of the most difficult and stressful life changes....more»

Combating Childhood Obesity

Simple Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

It's common knowledge that obesity is a serious problem in the U.S., affecting roughly one out of every three adults....more»

The Importance of Preschool Enrichment

Local learning programs

Stephanie Becher has the pleasure of listening to her two-year-old daughter sing songs she learned from her preschool enrichment class at The Music Playhouse....more»

There's No Place Like ZooBoo

Family fun this Halloween

Parents looking for a safe, family-friendly place to take their munchkins this fall can simply follow the Yellow Brick Road straight to the Indianapolis Zoo for Halloween ZooBoo presented by the Indianapolis Honda Dealers....more»

Bullying Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Why they are bullied and what to do about it

A national survey by the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) shows that 63 percent of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have been bullied at some point in their lives....more»

Get the Picture

How to Capture Your Child with Special Needs in a Professional Photograph

No, that is not your ear ringing. Rather, it's the faint sound of holiday bells jingling in your subconscious....more»

Dad Shot My Laptop: Bullseye or Parenting Misfire?

True Confessions of Stay-at-Home Dad Pete Gilbert

I just watched an episode of 20/20 called Extreme Parenting.

The segment I watched centered around one dad and daughter relationship in particular....more»


The Golden Rule

Teaching your children the importance of kindness

As parents, there is a long list of things that we feel important to teach our kids while they are still young and under our influence....more»

Lights-On or Lights-Off?

How to know which type of haunted house is right for your child

By the beginning of October, many children are already excitedly telling their parents what they want to be for Halloween and looking forward to a trip through their neighborhood to gather as many sweet treats as their bags can hold....more»

Making the Most of College Tours

A guide for parents

If you want to help your teen select the right college, it is important to ask the right questions, do your research, and make smart choices....more»

A Golden Victory at the Olympics

Grandparenting at its best

I became an Olympic Games "nut-head" in Barcelona in 1992. I love the international competitions and all the drama associated with athletes producing their personal bests....more»

Emergency Care for Your Child

How to know when an emergency room visit is necessary

From falling while climbing a tree to twisting an ankle during a particularly fearless slide into home plate, children can find a variety of ways to injure themselves....more»

Solutions for a Common Problem: Bedwetting

Tips and advice

About 10 percent of children under age 7 and 5 percent who are age 10 still wet the bed, even if they don't have wetting accidents or show symptoms during the day....more»

Dear Teacher

Kindergarten readiness & junior high adjustments

Should this Child Drop Out of Kindergarten? Question: My daughter started kindergarten in late August....more»

Community Spotlight

Smithsonian Magazine Presents: Museum Day Live! Free Admission to the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site In the spirit of Smithsonian Museums, who offer free admission everyday, Museum Day Live! is an annual event hosted by Smithsonian magazine in which participating museums across the country open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day Ticket....more»

Dear Teacher

Busy classroom walls, electronic reading, assignment books, and test-taking tips

Can Classroom Walls Be too Busy for Students? Question: Our daughter's fourth grade teacher scarcely has a free space on her walls....more»

Preparing your Child for College

A year-by-year guide on college preparations

College introduces a glamorous life of living without parents, scheduling late classes as to avoid waking up with the sun, and virtually getting to hang out with your friends all the time....more»

The Balancing Act of Motherhood

Spinning the plate with your name on it just a little faster

The balancing act of motherhood requires constant effort. Sometimes, I visualize myself spinning five delicate glass plates on top of a tall, skinny pole....more»

An Interview with Kelly Taylor

Local singer and songwriter making waves in Indianapolis

The name 'Kelly Taylor' triggers a few labels for folks in Indianapolis: student, sister, daughter, friend, singer....more»

Indy on a Budget

Saving for College

When it comes to saving for college, thinking about the future cost can be scary. If you need to save for your children's college as well as your own retirement, you've got a daunting challenge ahead....more»

Sharing Stories and Memories as a Family

New project begins at the Children's Museum: Stories from Our Community

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis recently opened Stories from Our Community, a new project dedicated to the art of story-telling that encourages memory-sharing among families....more»

Decisions, Decisions

Picking a School for Your Child

When you find out you're expecting, you're hit with a number of decisions: hospital or home birth? Epidural or natural labor? OB or midwife? The decisions keep coming after Baby's born: Breastfeeding or formula? Cloth diapers or disposable? Staying at home or day care? Unfortunately, as your child grows, the decisions become arguably more difficult; and, around their forth or fifth birthday, you'll be making a decision about something with the potential to shape their whole life: schooling....more»

Identifying Learning Disabilities

Learn how to spot the signs

Learning disability is a general term that describes specific kinds of learning problems. A learning disability can cause a child to have trouble learning and using certain skills....more»

Choosing the Right School for Your Child with Autism

Things to consider

Some children with autism have trouble learning in the public school system. Parents looking for other options have many different types of schools available in Indiana....more»

Every Mother has a Favorite

True Confessions of Stay-at-Home Dad Pete Gilbert

If you have a daughter, I'm sure American Girl is a household name. My daughter received a set of boy/girl babies last year....more»

"Thinking Beyond the Boundaries Through Social and Emotional Learning"

Learn how to set your child up for success

Every parent wants their child to the best they can be. Parents want their children to succeed in academics and sports, to form meaningful relationships with their peers, to be healthy, and most importantly, to be happy....more»

Learning Adventures & Experiences

Explore new places around Central Indiana with your child!

Who doesn't love a field trip? Exploring someplace new in and around the city, or familiar to you but new through the eyes of a child, is always an adventure....more»

Fall Festivals in Downtown Indianapolis

Check out what is happening this Fall!

September is a time for festivals in Downtown Indianapolis. Whether they're cultural, artistic, musical or a simple celebration of great food (which seems to be true of nearly all of them), fall festivals Downtown provide a perfect opportunity to share common passions with fellow Hoosiers....more»

Children and Birthmarks

When a birthmark is more than a "bite"

If your child has a birthmark, you may have heard it referred to as an "angel's kiss" or a "stork bite." In fact, about 10 percent of children are born with some type of birthmark....more»
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