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Autism Q & A

Experts from The Applied Behavior Center for Autism answer important questions


Publisher's Note

The Season with Special Reasons

December 2012 Publisher's note...more»

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight events in Indianapolis...more»

Indy's Child Holiday Gift Guide

Indy's Child Annual Holiday Gift Guide...more»

Raising Teen Twins with Autism

One Mom's Story

Kathleen Dugan, a professor of art at Anderson University, was 35 when she gave birth to twins Edward and Hannah. Life was good, but hectic and perhaps more difficult than Dugan had imagined. "My mom kept saying it will get easier once they get older. Then it never got that easy," Dugan said....more»

Choosing a Preschool is Child's Play

In recent years, full-day kindergarten has become the norm for many of our country's young children. As a result more parents are choosing to send their children to preschool in an effort to prepare them for entering a traditional school setting. Researching and deciding upon a program for your child can be a long process. Fortunately, understanding the traits of a quality preschool is not....more»

Is Homeschooling Right for You?

The pros and cons of being your child's primary teacher

Although a traditional school setting works for many children, the variety of educational choices currently available to homeschooled kids makes this form of education an attractive choice to many parents. Homeschooling now involves cooperative programs, tutors, library classes, online courses and even modified schedules with private schools - making this an increasingly popular option for families today. ...more»

Ten Tips for Less-Harried Holidays for Kids with Special Needs

December is an amped up time of year. Between the decorating, gifting, hostessing and general mostesting, it can rattle the most jolly of souls. For kids with autism, anxiety or other special needs, this time of year can be downright daunting. Following are a few tips from area experts on how to calm the chaos for your child this December. ...more»

Home Safe Home

Prevent burn injuries and fires

As a parent, your child's safety is always on your mind, but are you relying on luck alone to prevent a burn injury or a deadly fire? You shouldn't because your family's life may depend on it. 

Become part of a holiday tradition with Christmas at the Zoo

Surround yourself with the magic and beauty of the holiday season as the Indianapolis Zoo hosts its 44th year of Christmas at the Zoo presented by Donatos and Teachers Credit Union. The Indianapolis Zoo was the first zoo in the United States to hold a holiday lights event and since then, Christmas at the Zoo has come to be known for its spectacular holiday lights and displays. This year will be no exception! From 5-9pm Wednesdays through Sundays from Nov. 23-Dec. 30, become a part of this growing holiday tradition....more»

Keeping the Season Bright

Tips to Help Avoid Holiday Burnout

It's that time of year again - time for family, festivities and fun as we celebrate the holiday season. Unfortunately for many people, the holidays instead become defined by hectic shopping trips, stressful family events and to-do lists that never seem to end. Add kids into the mix, and things can become exponentially more stressful. It's easy to become burned out by the holidays. Read on for some simple tips on keeping the season merry and bright, staying a sane and happy parent and maintaining perspective on what the holidays are really about....more»

Dear Teacher

Bored students, unfair teachers and New Year's resolutions

Parents' Questions Answered...more»

Christmas Magic

It may not be what you think

If I had one piece of advice for all moms this month it would be this: There is magic in imperfection, especially during the holiday season! ...more»


Holiday Shopping Just Got Easier for Gift-Givers

It is the year of important "votes", 2012!  Adults voted for political candidates while young visitors to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis cast their ballots for favorite new toys of the season. Decisions were not made lightly. The hottest new toys were tried and tested in The Museum Store. Playthings that passed the test earned thumbs up by our inquisitive kid experts. Our young voters may not recognize it, but interactive, educational toys that spark imagination and creativity top the list…just the way The Children's Museum of Indianapolis likes it....more»

These toys are better off left on the shelf

True confessions of stay-at-home dad

I want to talk to all of you toy shoppers that are buying toys for someone else's kids. Sometimes a gift is more of a punishment than a blessing. Let me give you some examples. Hopefully this list will make you think twice while decking the halls this year....more»

Making Family a Priority This Holiday Season

How One Local Mother Does It

Life is busy. Sometimes you may feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to complete your "to do" lists. The holidays can make packed schedules even more complicated. If you have trouble finding time for the most important people in your life, your family and friends, you are not alone....more»

Life Under the Big Top

An interview with the Lacey family

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, meet the one-and-only Lacey family of the Greatest Show on Earth, the Ringling Bros....more»

Q & A With Sarah Fisher

Wife, mother, and owner of Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

Wife, mother, and racecar driver: three words you don't often see together. For local celebrity Sarah Fisher, however, these three words describe her perfectly. Born in Columbus, Ohio, Fisher first became involved in racing when she was just five years old. Since then, Fisher has competed in hundreds of races all over the United States. In 2008, Fisher started her own racing team, Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing, and became the first and only female team owner and youngest owner in the IZOD IndyCar Series. When she and her husband, Andy O'Gara, had their first child, Zoey, 1 year ago, Fisher took some time away from racing to embrace her newfound motherhood. Today, Fisher is back on track with her racing career and has been nominated as the 2012 Honoree for the March of Dimes Mom of the Year event....more»

The Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections

A real treasure for families in Central Indiana

Twenty years ago, miniature furniture and dollhouse enthusiasts Suzie Moffett, Suzanne Landshof and the late Nancy Lesh began to worry about the fate the smaller-than-life collectibles....more»

From Dark Days to Hope

Dr. David Schwartz donates time to save a spine, and a life.

Salma Suleiman walked on tiptoe—just one—to accommodate the 170-degree curve in her spine. Her right hip and right shoulder blade nearly met where the tips of the C-curve of her backbone ended....more»

Introducing Your Child to the Arts

Explore your child's creative side

This summer, 6-year-old Uma Manning and her brother, 10-year-old Jackson, took a week-long art camp at the Indianapolis Museum of Art....more»

Building Social Skills in Kids with Autism

Tips for parents

Social deficits are a defining characteristic of autism. Kids with the disorder are not able to read social cues....more»

Growing Their Nest

One couple's story of adoption

You know the story: A couple thinks they are done having children, then surprise! It's a boy. In the case of Karen and Donald Crane, make that three boys....more»

Trying (and Trying) Again

Dealing with Secondary Infertility

In February of 2011, I gave birth to my first baby, a beautiful boy named Julian. I instantly took to being a mom, and quickly forgot about a difficult pregnancy as I looked forward to growing my family....more»

Coping with Childhood Cancer

Facing the diagnosis

As parents, we'd do anything for our children. When our kids are experiencing something painful or traumatic, most parents would agree they'd gladly take on their child's pain....more»

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

True Confessions of Stay-at-Home Dad Pete Gilbert

It's time for my kids and I to make our weekly trip to the grocery store. I have my usual list. This week for added excitement my wife tacked on a few mystery ingredients too....more»

No Spectators

Being a participant in your own life

My church has been encouraging the congregation to become more involved and engaged within the community. Recently, the head pastor wore a t-shirt that read: "No Spectators....more»

Boarding Schools

Making an Informed Decision About Your Child's Education

As a parent, at some point you'll have to make a decision about the education of your child. You will have many options, including, but not limited to, public, private, Parochial, boarding, and home school....more»

Raising Politically-Savvy Kids

10 tips for parents

November is election month: the perfect time to teach children about political affairs and influence the next generation of voters....more»

Dear Teacher

Grades for effort, improving spelling, and trouble with phonics

Grades for Effort Do Matter Question: My son receives a grade for both achievement and effort in every one of his subjects....more»

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Engaging multiple generations in story sharing

The holidays are almost here which sometimes can add extra stress to our already busy lives. But let's remember that one of the most important parts about the holiday season is celebrating families and sharing experiences with them....more»

Children and CT Scans

What parents should know

Every year, more than 4 million children undergo computed tomography or CT scans. Recently, media headlines have highlighted a new study that reviewed the potential increased risk of cancer in children who have these tests....more»

Community Spotlight

The Hero Project Turning ordinary kids into super heroes Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St....more»

Circle of Lights Celebrates 50 Years

A family tradition in Central Indiana

On November 23, the evening after Thanksgiving, 100,000 Hoosiers will come together on Monument Circle to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Circle of Lights presented by the contractors of Quality Connection and electrical workers of IBEW 481....more»
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