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Small Girl. Big Hero.

Meet Jolie Carolan: A hero to all of us at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St.Vincent.

At Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St.Vincent, the kids in our care are more than our patients. They are our heroes. And one of the most inspiring heroes we've cared for in recent years is Jolie Lynn Carolan....more»

Small Bookstore, Big Excitement

On November 17th, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid tour bus emblazoned with the book's familiar characters rolled up to Kids Ink bookstore on 52nd and Illinois Street in Indianapolis. As author Jeff Kinney emerged from the bus he was greeted by over 150 fans. Adults and children alike clutched his latest book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, as they waited in line to meet the book's creator....more»

Mixing It Up in 2013

New activities for the whole family to try

If the post-holiday "blahs" are setting in with your family, adding some new activities to the calendar may be just what you need to keep everyone happy as they trudge through the remaining winter months. No need to escape to a warmer climate for fun; these ideas are right in your own back yard. ...more»

Singular Snowflakes

Make your own one-of-a-kind creation

As the winter season approaches and the snow begins to fall, bring the beauty of fluffy white snow inside by making your own snowflakes. Each and every snowflake that falls from the sky is unique. Each one has intricate patterns and shapes....more»

Fido as Therapist

The connection between dogs and children with autism

Dogs can teach kids a trick or two - as Mindi McMillan of Zionsville would attest. This mother of six describes her son as a walking miracle and believes therapy dogs played no small role in helping him achieve the abilities he has today....more»

Private Schools Are Affordable

You Just Need to Know Where to Look

Even though the kids have just returned to school from winter break, it's already time to start thinking about next school year. If you're considering a switch to a private school, enrolling your kindergartener in a private program or have questions about secular, religious or special needs schools, you've come to the right place. With the variety of scholarships, financial aid and government programs available to help with tuition, you may be surprised to learn that enrolling in a private school may be more within your reach than you expected. In many situations, cost should not dictate your decision to send your child to a private school....more»

Project Lifesaver

A Lifeline For Those Who Wander

f you have a child or family member at risk of wandering away, you need to know about Project Lifesaver. The program exists to save lives and reduce potential injury to kids and adults who wander due to autism, Alzheimer's, traumatic brain injuries and other special needs that prevent them from knowing how to get back home....more»

School Lunches, Childhood Obesity and New USDA Guidelines

The new standards parents need to know

You've seen the statistics: about 12.5 million children and adolescents 2 to 19 years old are overweight. Sadly, since 1980, the number of overweight/obese children and adolescents has nearly tripled, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While you may be taking steps at home to improve your child's nutrition, there are new efforts under way to provide healthier breakfasts and lunches at school....more»

Moving On From a Miscarriage

Local support groups help women through their grief

Women who have suffered the loss of one or more pregnancies may feel as though they will never find comfort again through their ongoing grief. Yet a number of support groups in the Indianapolis area have helped many women find reassurance, healing and strength they may not have experienced otherwise. ...more»

Downtown Attractions Are Alive Mid-Winter

January can certainly be a slow time for anyone, let alone for kids as they crawl their way back to school from winter break. The days are short, cold weather is here to stay for another couple of months and January is a notoriously difficult time to stay active. Thankfully, many of Downtown Indianapolis' top attractions offer activities and exhibits for the whole family, many indoors and some at cheaper winter rates. Check out some of the great options below for family fun:...more»

Dear Teacher

Kids who quit too easily, falling behind in math, and overcrowded classrooms

Dear Teacher Kids who quit too easily, falling behind in math, and overcrowded classrooms...more»

True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

Potty Training: Who's really getting rewarded here?

My wife and I just went through the process of potty training our three year-old son. Along with stickers and small toys, we gave him pieces of candy every time he successfully used the potty. I had two goals as we began potty training, get my son out of diapers and not eat all the candy while doing so. Things started off really well. ...more»

Mommy Magic

Out of Touch: A submerged phone leads to true communication

I was recently listening to one of my favorite songs. I had heard it at least a thousand times, but I'm not sure if I really every processed the meaning of the words. It talked about longing to be with friends and family in a meaningful way. This got me thinking that in today's hustle and bustle (although we are one Facebook post away from finding out what those close to us are doing) it is not the same as spending time with those we love - those we long to spend time with in a meaningful way. Time together and being present during that time together seems to have become a lost art. In fact, not checking texts, phone messages or even update a Facebook status almost seems impossible for us to do even while we are actually with others....more»

Observing Nature With Your Children This Winter

January is an interesting month to start a calendar with your children to observe changes in weather, how many hours of sunshine are in each day or what animals you can identify right out of your own windows....more»

Pink Pajama Party

Indiana Women in Need (I.W.I.N.) to host its annual fundraiser for breast cancer support

Nothing is better than a girls' night out – unless you can party in your pj's with your best gal pals! This year's Pink Pajama Party, the signature event for Indiana Women In Need, will bring breast cancer survivors, their friends, families and other supporters together for a night of dinner, dancing and fun to support their mission of helping women of all ages affected by breast cancer....more»
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