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My Favorite Field Trip

A newspaper notice that a Bernese Mountain Dog named Bentley would be demonstrating his hospital therapy skills at the Carmel Jack & Jill Children's Shoppe caught my attention....more»

Ask the Teacher

Verbal bullying, gifted students and reading encouragement

Question: Is there such a thing as verbal bullying? My daughter has not been physically bullied at school, but many of the comments that are directed at her from other girls are very hurtful....more»

Affording Health Care for Kids with Special Health Needs

Understanding and accessing your available financial options

How big an issue is money for parents of kids with special health care needs? In a word, huge."It can be life changing. It can mean bankruptcy. It can be whether a kid gets what he needs or not," says Jane Scott, director of family support for About Special Kids, a parent-helping-parent organization that helps families understand programs for which they may qualify and walks parents through the application maze....more»

How to Help Your Struggling Child

When to consider seeking professional mental health support

All kids have good days and bad days, but when negative emotions or behaviors interfere with everyday life, there may be a more serious issue. When parents have concerns about their children, they should not dismiss them....more»

The Heart of a Hero

Born with Down syndrome and recently diagnosed with leukemia, 4-year-old Reece Crump inspires his family with his inner strength and passion for life.   ...more»

Celiac Disease

Important to diagnose and manage

Pizza, pasta, cereal, birthday cake—all foods that most kids love are not foods that all children can enjoy. These foods often contain gluten and this type of protein can wreak havoc on the digestive system in children with celiac disease.

Play and Preschool

There's more to "play" than meets the eye

The preschool years are optimal years for learning. Brain research demonstrates that 85% of a child's intellect and skills are developed in the first five years of life. However, when it comes to selecting a preschool for your child, keep in mind that most learning in young children happens through play. When you are looking at preschools, you want to see a lot of play happening in the classrooms. ...more»

Spring Break on a Budget

Midwest cities offer unique activities without breaking the bank

Many households in the Indianapolis area will be flying south to enjoy a traditional vacation this spring break of beaches and amusement parks. But for those families looking for a fun trip within just a few hours' drive, there's good news. Plenty of great opportunities exist close to home. Check out these suggestions to enjoy more vacation time, with less travel time....more»

Non-stop sports Downtown in March!

March is generally a great time for sports fans: NCAA March Madness fulfills the excitement of its name, the NBA and NHL playoffs are on the horizon, opening day for baseball is only weeks away, heck, even English Premier League soccer is reaching the peak of its most exciting moments of the season. For the younger sports fans, this is a great month to be in the Circle City, as they'll have the chance to experience some of this excitement in person! The wide range of sports action this month alone is incredible: from dirt bike racing to NCAA men's basketball regionals, there are sure to be great options for sports fans of any age....more»

The Camp Experience

Opportunities for summer learning gains

Much has been said about the effects of summer learning loss on the academic achievement of our children. How can we not only stem this learning loss, but actually make summer learning gains? Many of today's experts agree that skills gained at summer camp — engagement, curiosity and stick-to-itiveness — are vital to a child's success....more»

Typical Teen, Atypical Peer

Noblesville Student Volunteers to Get Social

Ian Medley began helping kids with autism when he was 11. Now a sophomore at Noblesville High School, Ian works with the Behavior Analysis Center for Autism a few times a week to help develop social skills of kids who have the disorder. For him, it was a personal decision to volunteer. It helps him better understand his brother. ...more»

BYOT: Bring Your Own Technology

Brebeuf students choose their own learning tools

Encouraging high school students to make wise choices can be challenging. At Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, the administration addresses student choice as it relates to technology in a unique manner....more»

Lucky Dogs

Finding the right family pet

Approximately 40% of American households have at least one dog, according to the Humane Society – and as your kids get older, this is a topic that will most likely come up in your family. In fact, this subject recently made national news, as one Boston dad told his daughters they could get a puppy if they received one million "Likes" on Facebook. (After just 24 hours, the father had started his search for the newest family member.)...more»

How to Survive a Restaurant Meal With Your Kids

The do's and don'ts of dining with children

Attempting a sit-down restaurant meal with small children in tow is a decision parents should not enter into lightly. For your best chances at a successful outcome, try these "from the trenches" tips....more»

A Heart for Preschool

Kids love, need early childhood education

Kids love preschool. They just do. Ask them. Wyatt, an area preschooler, says he likes school because he gets to spray the mist bottle. Abby likes school too because she gets to play with puppets. And Hunter, well he likes preschool because he gets to see Abby. It may be hard for parents to believe, especially first-time parents, but many two-, three- and four-year-old tots are school ready. It can be a shock, in a good way....more»


Not exactly routine

I dread bedtime. When our oldest made the transition from a crib to a bed it was really tough, but only for a week or so, then everything was great. My wife and I would put her to bed and she would stay there. End of story. We never could understand parents that complained about their kids not staying in bed....more»

Dear Teacher

Expected Reading Accomplishments from Pre-primer to 11th Grade

Expected Reading Accomplishments from Pre-primer to 11th Grade...more»

Last on the List

Where do you rank on your list of priorities?

Juggling the demands of work and family life can leave the average parent feeling weary and frazzled. With so many responsibilities vying for your attention, finding time for yourself can seem an impossible task....more»

Downtown Indy Celebrates Black History Month

For more than 30 years, February has been recognized nationally as a time to remember and celebrate important figures and events in African-American history....more»

Different Students, Different Needs

Finding the schooling option that best suits your child

The right academic fit for a child can make all the difference in how he or she feels about learning. Those students who may have struggled in a traditional public school setting may thrive in a different environment better suited to their individual needs. The Indianapolis area has a variety of schools that offer alternative educational choices – with a few of these options described here. ...more»

Better Braces

New approaches in orthodontics for kids and adults

Flashing a silver smile seems to be a rite of passage for many children—and an increasing number of adults who didn't have a "metal mouth" when they were young are choosing to straighten their smiles now. The latest advances in the field of orthodontia make the long process of achieving perfectly aligned teeth more tolerable than ever before. ...more»

Be Creative this February

When I was a young mom and had six children going in six different directions, February was my toughest month. It may be only 28 days long but because of extreme temperatures and the flu season, we all spent more time inside and had a tendency to get "cabin fever"....more»
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