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Indy's Summer Outdoor Destinations

Tap into the sensory experience of summer!

As the weather grows warmer, the city and its residents seem to truly come alive. This summer, awaken all five of your senses by spending some time enjoying Indy's many outdoor events and attractions with your family. We've got some great picks to get you started!...more»

Ask the Teacher

End of school blues, summer school, writing proficiency and retaining skills over break

End of school blues, summer school, writing proficiency and retaining skills over break...more»

Get the Most Out of Camp!

Before and after camp strategies

Your child's summer camp experience will be one he or she remembers forever – and one that will help to develop the social, emotional and cognitive skills for success in school and beyond. To get the most out of your child's experience this summer at camp, send them off with the right attitude and confidence; and when they come home, reinforce those newfound skills and positive outlooks. Here are a few tips for maximizing the benefits of camp....more»

The Rhythm of Egypt

Make your own traditional Egyptian instrument!

It is said that music makes the world go around. Sometimes we learn that even though we speak different languages, music can bring us together as a unique form of communication. Families who visit Take Me There: Egypt® at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis are immersed in the sights, sounds and activities of modern day Egypt. They learn about modern Egyptian life while visiting a traditional Egyptian home, shopping at the marketplace, playing a part in a traditional Egyptian celebration, or learning how to make music with traditional Egyptian instruments....more»

Two-Mom Families

Raising children in a nontraditional setting poses unique challenges

When Niki Steveson and Amy Kieckbusch take their kids out to dinner, they are almost always asked a question other families don't receive: would they like one check or two? On a daily basis, the north side Indianapolis couple doesn't face major, hurtful incidents – just lots of subtle reminders that families like theirs are viewed as "different." While they're a growing segment of the population, families with two moms are still rather rare. The U.S. Census in 2010 recorded 9,409 Indiana households headed by lesbian couples. Around a quarter of those couples are raising children – a figure similar to national statistics recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey. ...more»

Summer Safety

Staying out of the ER

While summer brings plenty of opportunities for fun, unfortunately the possibility of serious injury or illness comes with it. Don't let a trip to the emergency room derail your summer plans! Below, local experts provide tips to help keep your family safe this season....more»

June Festivals in Downtown Indy

Join the fun all month long!

Family-friendly festivals in downtown Indianapolis can be a great way to engage kids in new cultures and activities, and most are very inexpensive, if not FREE! And parents, don't worry – the fun isn't just limited to kids. Entertainment ranges from live music and dancing to art exhibits along with lots and lots of food. Bring the family downtown for one or more of these summer festivals held at some of Indy's most beautiful parks! For more downtown family fun, plus information on downtown parking, beautification and more, visit www.indydt.com....more»

Parental Uncontrol

Who's really competing in kids' sports?

Everyone's seen it: emotions boiling over during a basketball game, shouting matches on the soccer sidelines or perhaps a ball or even a fist thrown during a fit of rage. And sometimes kids can misbehave, too....more»

A Tale of Two Heroes

How a child's leukemia diagnosis inspired her grandfather to reach new heights

All grandparent-grandchild relationships are special. But the bond between Lauryn Walls and her grandfather, Tom Rushworth, is unusually strong....more»

Single Dads

Working through the difficulties of solo parenting

The 2011 U. S. Census counted 1.7 million single fathers in America. Despite that high number, only 15% of single custodial parents are dads. Parenting in general has its daily ups and downs, and men who are recently single and caring for kids often face additional challenges adjusting to their new situation....more»

Fifth Annual Celebrity Softball Challenge

Come cheer on your favorites in support of the Indiana Children's Wish Fund

What could be better than spending a summer evening at the ball park? On Thursday, June 13th check out players from the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, mascots, media personalities and other sports stars battle it out in a seven inning celebrity softball game. This event, presented by The Tony Steward Foundation and benefiting the Indiana Children's Wish Foundation, honors Caroline Symmes, a Wish child who was involved with the inaugural softball event and passed away in December 2009. Roy Hibbert, All Star Center for the Indiana Pacers and Robert Mathis, Pro Bowl Defensive End of the Indianapolis Colts will host the event....more»

Bright Colors, Beautiful Scenes Await in White River Gardens

Butterfly Kaleidoscope presented by Citizens Energy Group is an all-new experience at the Indianapolis Zoo

Bright, bold, beautiful colors — that's what you'll see from start to finish during a visit to White River Gardens and the Indianapolis Zoo's newest exhibit, Butterfly Kaleidoscope presented by Citizens Energy Group....more»

Screen Saver

It started. My son's favorite activities include computer time, playing the Wii and navigating his way through an iPod touch. Staring at screens. If we let him, he would bounce back and forth, from screen to screen, all day long. ...more»

Allergy or Cold?

Detective work is needed to distinguish between allergies and the common cold

Deciphering whether your child has a cold or suffers from allergies can be difficult because the symptoms often overlap. It's important to sort them out so you know how to best treat your child and know when a visit to the pediatrician may be in order. 

The Science Behind the Magic of Star Wars®

Let the Force be with you at this new Indiana State Museum exhibit

Picture this: Your child is deep in play, lost in the depths of imagination. He is a Jedi Knight in training trying to summon the Force in order to defeat the Empire. She is a warrior princess, bravely confronting her enemies to restore justice to the galaxy. Their imaginary world is populated by droids, a 900-year-old creature of great wisdom, armies of stormtroopers, vehicles able to travel beyond the speed of light and a multitude of strange and wonderful planets....more»

Getting into the Game

The value of sports transcends disability

Participation in sports can be a game changer for kids. Whether in a competitive league or a recreational activity, children who are physically active gain more than medals. A boost to self-esteem, building healthy bodies and developing positive lifelong habits are just a few of the benefits kids in sports can achieve. Sports can also give a child a community in which to belong. This is significant for all kids – including those with special needs....more»

FAIRs Care

Awareness, caring and sharing

Let's face it, food is one of the primary reasons folks look forward to the summer fair season. As you prepare to enjoy this special tradition with your family, pause to consider your fellow Hoosiers struggling to put food on the table. ...more»

A Summer of Character Building

My father had a "charge" that was pronounced on a regular basis at our dining room table, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it." He really did not want to hear any petty remarks or gossip so it was squelched whenever he was present....more»

Got Autism? Get Intervention Early

A diagnosis of autism can sometimes be overcome

Can children with autism lose their diagnosis? It's an alluring question, especially for parents of young children newly diagnosed with the disorder. According to some experts, it may be possible....more»
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