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Community Spotlight

Safety Festival and Community Day Pike Township Fire Department and Indianapolis Metro Police have joined forces to host a Safety Festival and Community Day on August 24th from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm....more»

Investing in the Arts

The far-reaching benefits of arts education

Thoughts of back to school often have parents also contemplating the best way to fill all of those after school hours....more»

Online Schools

Virtual learning offers students a range of educational options

Sarah Maksymovitch had no complaints about the quality of education her boys were receiving at their public elementary school in Noblesville....more»

Starting Preschool

Is your tot ready?

As a parent, determining when (and where) to send your child to preschool is one of the first big decisions you'll make....more»

New School Transitions

Making a smooth jump to the next level

Somehow, it's already August, which ushers in the fifth season known as "back to school."...more»

August is "Back to School"!

Time for the team approach

We are always resolved to make certain our children have an outstanding year at school – and realizing that a child's teacher needs parent cooperation and support is a good first step....more»

Mama Drama

Dealing with mom cliques

Most of us would agree that we are happy to be done with high school. The awkward first dates, the insecurities, the drama – you couldn't pay most people enough to relive those years....more»

A Team Player. A True Survivor.

Aiden Spoor was diagnosed with leukemia just 5 days after his 7th birthday. His response? To charge bravely ahead, helping others along the way.

Aiden Spoor was diagnosed with leukemia just 5 days after his 7th birthday. His response? To charge bravely ahead, helping others along the way. ...more»

Volunteering at School

How to play an active role in your child's education

We've all heard the old adage, "Education begins at home." A parent or guardian is a child's first teacher, but eventually, if you've opted to enroll your child in a formalized public or private school setting, he or she will have a classroom teacher as well....more»

Easing Kids with Autism into the New School Year

Advance planning means smoother transitions

New teachers + new students + new schedules = renewed anxiety for kids with autism. It's a tough equation for these kids to master....more»

Time Out

Finding a road to respite

Take a break. Relax. It's the easiest thing in the world...only, it isn't easy at all. Every parent needs a break from being a parent....more»

The Grandparent Connection

Encouraging this special bond between generations

I was lucky enough to recently travel with my three daughters and my mom. Three generations taking a summer trip together – sounds like the making of a good TV movie! My mom lives half the year near us and half the year in a warmer climate during the winter months....more»

Ready, Set, Play (and Learn!)

Innovative experiences await at the newly redesigned Playscape

You gaze into your infant's eyes . . . and you see the infinite possibilities behind those eyes. It is pretty awe-inspiring, isn't it? All infants are born ready to learn....more»

Fall Arts and Entertainment

Local happenings that celebrate the coming of fall

As August rolls around, you may find yourself mourning the imminent end of swimming pool weather and grilling season....more»

Summer Sounds Around Downtown

Local concerts provide music all season long

Gather the family to sing and dance the warm nights away at several concerts scheduled in August in downtown Indy! Before the kids get settled back to school, celebrate the last days of summer together as a family and enjoy a wide range of live music at outdoor and indoor venues....more»

Ask the Teacher

Middle school anxiety, "mean" teachers, back to school routines and homework strategies

Question: I am not sure who is more afraid of my daughter starting middle school, her or me. I am trying not to let her see my fears, but I don't know what to do to help her feel more comfortable....more»

Road Tripping with a Potty Trainer

True Confessions of a Stay at Home Dad

There are few things more nerve-wracking than taking a newly potty trained child on a road trip. I will never forget the time we took our oldest daughter, barely out of diapers, on a two-hour ride to grandma's house....more»
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